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Shawl conquers Suresh Gopi’s heart! The star says they are worth more than words

Actor and MP Suresh Gopi is a man who always accompanies the pains and joys of others. He will surely make it possible for those who come close to the needs.

Now, the actress is sharing a note on social media about the invaluable gifts she received. The actress shared on social media about the gift she received in return for keeping her house and fulfilling her promise to Munmi Gegoi, a native of Assam, the wife of KN Sajesh, a native of Iritti. The actor also talks about receiving another prize unexpectedly.

Suresh Gopi shared the joy of getting a traditional Assamese shawl in return for gifting a house to Munmi. The actress also shared pictures of herself wearing a shawl. Munmi had promised to wear a shawl when he reached Delhi.

When he arrived at his residence in Delhi, another gift was waiting for him. Silk shawls and sweets presented by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma. The actor described the gifts he received as more valuable than words.

Munmi had contested in the Vikas Nagar ward of Kannur Iritti as a BJP candidate in the municipal elections. Munmi had been living in a rented house with her husband and children for a long time. Suresh Gopi, who knew Munmi’s living conditions and did not own a house or a cent of land, had promised to give him a house. On April 21, Suresh Gopi and his family started living in a new house.

Suresh Gopi lit a chandelier and entered the house with Munmi’s family members. The house was also named Sreelakshmi.

Munmi is the daughter of Leela Gagoi and Bhavani Gagoi from Lohinpur, Assam. A misguided missed call marked a turning point in Munmi’s life. Sajesh from Iritti Pioneer called his old friend in Assam in search of workers in Chengal Pana. A young woman took the answer call without knowing that the number was wrong. The two were getting closer and closer through a series of calls. The two later got married. Although he speaks Malayalam well, he is not good at writing and reading.

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