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Shaman King Season 2: Release Date And Filming Updates

Netflix has just launched 13 episodes from the anime series Shaman King. But, when will season 2 go live on the streaming giant.

In the past anime fans had two options: either wait until the whole series was released online, or they had to watch a simulcast.

Netflix shows that there’s a new way to broadcast anime titles. Netflix launches micro-seasons, which are smaller sections of larger series.

The most anticipated reboot of Shaman King was the latest to air on this set-up. But when will it launch on the streaming services?

Shaman King Season 2: Netflix Release Date

Netflix has not confirmed the release date, but Shaman King season 2 is expected to be available in mid-2018.

Netflix releases each 13-episode section as separate seasons. Shaman King domestic must air episode 26 before it is available on Netflix.

At the time, Japan had 17 episodes. The remaining three episodes were scheduled to air until August 26.

However, the release dates for the following episodes (number 20 onwards) have not been officially confirmed.

Based on the broadcasting of episodes from Japan and the publication of similar titles in Japan, HITC predicts a fresh volume/season for Netflix every three to six months.

This article shall be updated as soon the streaming service confirms Shaman King’s release.

Shaman King Season 2

How many seasons of Shaman King are there?

Netflix currently only offers one season Shaman King. The first season has 13 episodes. Each episode runs less than 25 mins.

Shaman King has another season. It was created in 2001 and ran through 2005. The original series has a total of 64 episodes covering much more content than the most recent Netflix release.

Will there be a Shaman King season 2?

This is wonderful news! the anime will be returning for a second season in the future! As we have already stated, there’s still plenty of story to adapt for this remake. Therefore, a second season makes sense. Asakura Yuh will continue to amaze fans, so they can be sure that season 1 isn’t the end.

Shaman King season 2 episode count

Although an official episode count has not been announced by the streaming site, the next season may have 13 more episodes. This information could change because we are yet to hear about the episode number.

When is Shaman King season 2 filming?

It’s been reported that the shounen anime‘s second season has wrapped completely, or, at the very least, is almost finished with production.

It turns out that more episodes are being added to Netflix. They will also arrive on DVD BluRay later this season. Bridge, the anime production house, has produced the content for both the second and possibly third seasons. Hearing that the anime series has many more seasons on the way is certainly exciting news, but what’s even more exciting is a date to expect all these new episodes.

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