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Sexify Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Updates

Sexify is a Netflix original series in Poland. The show is about comedy, drama, and sex. It premiered on Netflix in April 2020. It had eight episodes and lasted for about an hour. The series had an enormous impact on the audience. The series received incredible reactions from the audience. After all of this, fans are still wondering if the show will continue. Here are the latest updates on the show and its renewal.

When Will Sexify Season 2 Be Released?

You all are waiting eagerly and wondering if there will be a second Sexify season. The big fat “yes!” is the answer! Netflix has confirmed that it is ready for the renewal of Sexify. It is now confirmed that another season will be coming soon.

We are now approaching the release date. However, we have not received any updates on the release date of the next season. We anticipate the first season will arrive by April 2022, as it was released in April 2019. The average time it takes to release two seasons of Netflix shows is one year. You can expect the shows to be available by mid-spring or early summer 2022. Let’s not forget the first season. The second season will be released in 2022.

Who Is Expected To Return In Sexify Season 2?

So far, there have been no updates on casting members being replaced or characters being changed. The cast members who appeared in the first season may return for the second. Aleksandra Skraba will portray Natalie just as she was in the original season. Maria Sobocinska will play Paulina again, while Sandra Drzymalska plays Monika. Edyta Turhan, Natalie’s Mother, could also be back on the show. The next season will feature many more characters and actors who will add more drama to this series.

Expected Plot Of Sexify Season 2?

The first season featured eight episodes. It told the story of Natalie, a teenage girl who was an enthusiast for technology and worked hard to win a tech contest. Her idea is to create an app that assists students in achieving their sexual desires. However, she’s not aware of the entire sexual world. Paulina’s and Monika’s friends help her dive deeper into sexual knowledge.

In the first series, we saw that the girls faced many obstacles and lost the competition despite their hard work. We may still see the girls trying hard to focus on their project and make it successful in season 2. There will be more comedy and drama for the girls’ family members and friends.

Is The Trailer Out?

However, it might be premature to expect a trailer for the second season. Netflix has announced that the second season will be available, but the filming has not begun. The filming may begin in the second half of this year or even as early as 2022. These are all the information we currently have on Sexify Season 2

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