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Senior communists have no problem, those who do not call it bad; Ramesh Pisharody shares his experience after joining the Congress

Ramesh Pisharody is a star of Malayalam cinema through Mimicry. Pisharody is full of Malayalam cinema as a co-star, hero and director. The actor did not hesitate to state his political stance.

Pisharody has made it clear that he has had to listen to criticism since joining the Congress. The actress made the revelation while appearing on the one crore show on the Flowers channel.

Words of Ramesh Pisharody;

Dharmajan has contested. Salimettan is there, so wherever you look, it is the Congress. A lot of people have called it bad on social media. Some needy friends have asked why this is.

But this was not a problem for the senior communists. They are still friendly. Those who are not are just calling it bad. We have two types of ideas. Religion and nothing else but politics. Because we are born into it, we are doomed to justify it and live in it.

There is no politics in school. When we are told to vote at the age of 18, we are told through publicity who influences us and who is good. We can not vote. I joined the Congress after learning a little and understanding everything. That’s not a bad thing at all.

I had to face this question because I joined the Congress. Many of the artists in Kerala are communists.

We don’t consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. ” Pisharody said.

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