After much speculation about what Marvel’s Secret Intrusion television program will give the MCU story, it appears like we have a response, thanks to Kevin Feige’s look at Disney’s in advance discussion today. We currently understood that the series will be available in 6 parts and adjusts the comics story arc in which the shape-shifting Skrulls penetrate the Earth, which the similarity Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn will be repeating their particular functions of Nick Fury and Talos, who were last seen in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From House. The brand-new information now expose precisely where Secret Intrusion suits the MCU timeline and modifications that Far From House scene entirely.


According to Kevin Feige, Secret Intrusion will occur in the MCU timeline that has actually currently been developed in previous releases. For the very first time because Avengers: Endgame, the program will occur “throughout the Blip, when half of deep space was annihilated by Thanos, and will check out the occasions that occurred because duration.” This does not look like a lot of info, however it suggests a number of things that fans believed they learnt about Fury are not as specific as they thought.

In the last scene of Avengers: Infinity War, Nick Fury and associate Maria Hill appeared to have actually been cleaned by Thanos’ breeze with Fury handling to send out a call for help to Captain Marvel prior to disappearing. In Spider-Man: Far From House, the post-credit scene exposed that the Nick Fury who appeared because movie was not, in truth, Fury, who was off world in a spaceport station, however Talos in camouflage, while Maria Hill was likewise a Skrull reproduction. Lots of people took this to imply that Secret Intrusion would occur after this scene, however rather, it appears like it will occur previously.

Will The Genuine Nick Fury Be The Main Star of Secret Intrusion, or his Talos Reproduction?

Putting Secret Intrusion throughout the years of the blip, however still having Samuel L. Jackson as the primary character recommends it will in fact be Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos in the guise of Fury taking the lead in the series. This would describe how Fury can be a main character in a story set throughout the 5 years throughout the Blip, and would likewise imply the series will likely end with a description about why the genuine Fury remains in area at the end of Far From House, in addition to established The Marvels.

Numerous Marvel Studios Television shows have actually acted nearly like appendices in a book, bringing some extra advancement to the most significant characters of the MCU without needing to include it in a busy movie. Secret Intrusion appears to fall under this classification, filling out a few of the five-year space in between Infinity War and Endgame, in addition to describing how Talos became impersonating Nick Fury in the world. With the series not anticipated to get here till early 2023 and possibly having implications on The Marvels, that might describe how Captain Marvel’s next movie has actually been pressed back to a July 2023 release.