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Sakshi Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla – Filmyzilla

Sakshi Movie Download

Sakshi Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers Rippling muscles, six-pack abs, and a chiseled face. Meet Ronnie the handsome hunk whose only job is to magically appear from nothingness whenever his elder brother Vikram is in trouble. He will bash up the bad guys to a pulp and return to minding his own business.

But during a sudden twist, Vikram is kidnapped by a terrorist organization called Jaish-e-Lashkar in Syria, and Ronnie triggers on a rescue mission. Director Ahmed Khan throws in every trick within the book to form ‘Sakshi’ an action entertainer with elements that highlight his leading man’s brute force and deadly machismo.

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Movie Review / Story

Tiger Shroff, who is clearly one of Bollywood’s most bankable action stars, packs quite Madhumita Biswas clock in the high-octane action scenes. His perfect body and attitude make all the stylized action look real. However, he falls short in emotional scenes and comedy.

Shraddha Kapoor looks beautiful and brings in some good comic relief within the half. But her character isn’t very crucial to the story and hence, she doesn’t have much scope to perform. Riteish Deshmukh has a crucial role, but his character suffers from a particular handicap, which isn’t explained. On one hand, he must be constantly Sakshi Hindi Movie Download protected by his younger brother but on the opposite, he’s also recruited as a policeman despite being so vulnerable. Such inconsistency in his character graph makes it difficult to relate with him. In fact, there are quite a few such loose ends within the story that make it far less convincing.

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Sakshi Hindi Movie Download Leaked By Filmyzilla

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While the Syrian setting brings during a terrifying feeling, most villains are far too caricaturish to be taken seriously, barring the most villain Abu Jalal (Jameel Khoury). He looks the part and his performance is chilling. Among the opposite actors, Jackie Shroff, Ankita Lokhande, and Vijay Varma lend good support. The dialogues by Farhad Samji are laced with low-brow humour, especially within the half and fairly filmy within the last half.

The film’s music is sort of average but thankfully, there aren’t too many songs. Disha Patani sizzles during a scintillating item number that adds a touch of glamour to the present stylish actioner. While the action design (by Ahmed Khan) is impressive, an equivalent can’t be said for the shaky camerawork and weak CGI.

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Movie Songs

There are ample acrobatics on display, slo-mo shots, deafening explosions, and lethal punches in ‘Sakshi’. But none of it can rise beyond a weak script that doesn’t choose the kill. Knock yourself Sakshi Hindi Movie Download out as long as you’re a diehard Tiger Shroff fan.

It is true that Hindi films speak of action and typically entertain tons of audiences when villains or goons get beaten up by a hero hitting the film screen for revenge or a close relationship. Director Ahmed Khan has also presented an eye-fixed of astonishing action through the hero who rescued his brother and stood up against the horror, but if the touch of diligence was done on the story, it might are something else.

The dying Inspector Chaturvedi (Jackie Shroff), who has been martyred by his life during a bid to save lots of the folk within the riots, assigns the responsibility of his second son Vikram (Riteish Deshmukh) to his son Ronnie (Tiger Shroff). Just then, things are such whenever someone takes a pointy check out Vikram, Ronnie’s blood boils and he dislocates the front bone. Ronnie inspires him to require up a police job in Agra to shape his future. There he also helps Vikram in breaking the trap of human trafficking. Sakshi Hindi Movie Download Vikram, who frees many from this gang, becomes the hero of the department and is shipped to Syria to capture the important leader of human trafficking. In Syria, the dreaded terrorist Abu Jalal Gaza (Jamil Khoury) captures Vikram. Then Ronnie arrives in Syria together with his sweetheart Shraddha Kapoor. He has got to save his brother under any circumstances.

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Director Ahmed Khan has tried his best to form the action dose stronger than ‘Sakshi’ and for this, he left no stone unturned to form the fight scenes strong. Whether it’s a typical fight scene during a mall or a street, or the action between a helicopter or tank, everything seems like Hollywood movies, but they’re killed in terms of story and screenplay. Comedy through Shraddha Kapoor’s character has been tempered with emotion through Ritesh.

Many scenes are funny, which also bring amusing, but the film features a pity the revenge films of the 80s-90s. Climax’s action sequences stop breathing, Sakshi Hindi Movie Download but he’s quite stretched and there’s no melodrama. The length of the film might be reduced. Santana Krishnan Ravichandran’s cinematography is worth watching. Vishal-Shekhar’s music has ‘ten excuses and brought away heart’ Being liked tons. This song is at number five in Radio Mirchi’s list of Top Twenty. the opposite songs are just fine. within the item song ‘Do you’re keen on Me’, Disha Patni has shown amazing dance moves.

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Sakshi Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla – Filmyzilla

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