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Retaliation Review: Orlando Bloom Excels In This Gripping Drama on Sexual Abuse

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Orlando Bloom’s Retaliation was released worldwide on digital platform on March 27. The dark drama is helmed by Ludwig Shammasian and Paul Shammasian.

Orlando Bloom is back and how! In his latest movie Retaliation, the actor plays a victim of sexual abuse. What makes the plot special is that the story is penned by a sexual abuse survivor. Geoff Thompson delivers a powerful but disturbing narration. Bloom plays Malcolm (malky), the angry man whose tempers rise even at the slightest change in his surroundings. And he works in the demolition industry. His team demolishes churches before the bulldozers do. However, Malky’s past keeps coming back to trouble him bringing back bitter memories. So the way Malky was raped, the trauma that remains with him all his life, the mode of self-destruction he gets into following the unforgettable nightmare in his life—the narration will simply leave you spellbound. It’s not easy to be a victim of sexual abuse and thus proves Malcolm’s character. Malky is raped by a catholic priest and the ordeal remains with him all his life. While he is having a drink, Malky runs into the priest who raped him. And all the disturbing scenes from his childhood trauma come back to haunt him. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Retaliation comprises some of the best talents from the industry including the likes of Janet Montgomery, Charlie Creed-Miles, Anne Reid, Alex Ferns and Josh Myers in key roles.

Verdict: Orlando Bloom excels in his role as a sexual abuse survivor. His act is powerful and the punch dialogues make his performance stand out!

Rating: 4/5

Orlando Bloom’s Retaliation is now being streamed on ZeePlex.



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