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Record of Ragnarok Season 2: Release Date, Cast And Storyline Updates

Record of Ragnarok anime adaptation has just hit Netflix. Here is what you can do with Record of Ragnarok season 2.

Season 1 is over. Ragnarok Season 2 and all the information we know about it. Record of Ragnarok Season 1 was praised and spent several days on Netflix’s top 10. The series is a Netflix Original version of the manga of that name by Shinya Fukui.

With the pantheon deciding that humanity has failed, season 1’s Valkyrie Brunhilde convinced the gods of Ragnarok. A series of 13 battles among gods and humans, in which the Valkyries serve as humanity’s weapons. If the gods achieve seven victories first then humanity will cease being a reality. If humanity attains seven victories they will have 1000 years of existence.

In season 1, Records of Ragnarok has seen three rounds. While humanity suffered two heartbreaking defeats at Lu Bu and Adam respectively, Kojiro Sakaki’s victory over Poseidon has given life and hope to humanity and the Valkyries. The Ragnarok series has 10 rounds remaining. With the score at 2 to 1, humanity still needs six wins to ensure its survival.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Release date

Fans waited impatiently for season 2 updates after season 1 was a huge success in 2017. Netflix, the streaming platform that premieres this show as an original has finally confirmed that it will air season 2. According to updated information, season 2 was created in December 2020.

Netflix executives even stated that season 2 would be as popular as the previous season. This has attracted a large fan following. A trailer for the movie was also released along with the confirmation premiere date to be June 17, 20,21.

What Will Be The Plot Of Record Of Ragnarok Season 2?

Only three of the 13 battles between Gods & Mankind were featured in Record of Ragnarok Season 1. The battles that occurred were Thor vs Lu bu, Adam vs Zeus, Kojiro Saki vs Poseidon. Kojiro Saki won the third battle. Thor and Zeus won both the first two battles. The result was that humanity had only one win. The victor would be determined by the first side to win seven combat battles. If we take the manga up to chapter 47, we know the next three fights. Jack the Ripper faces Hercules and Raiden Tameemon takes on Shiva. Surprisingly Buddha will also fight for humanity as he takes on Zerofuku and Bishamonten. Strangely, Buddha fights for humans as a God, but he was human in his early years.

Which characters will appear in Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok?

The first season of Record of Ragnarok has already featured three of the battles that will determine the fate of humanity. Thor defeated Lu Bu, a Chinese warlord and military general, in the first episode. The gods won the battle between Zeus (the first man) and Adam (the second), and humanity gained its first victory when Kojiro Sashaki, a famed Japanese swordsman beat Poseidon.

If the series continues to follow the manga’s events, the second season will feature Jack the Ripper the serial murderer, Raiden Tameemon the highly-rated Japanese sumo wrestling champion, and Buddha himself, on the human side.

The gods’ side includes the Greek demigod Hercules, Shiva (the four-armed Hindu god of destruction), and Bishamonten (one of the four heavenly Gods of Buddhism).

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