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Ram Singh Charlie Movie Wiki Cast Review Download IMDB Ratings

  Ram Singh Charlie Full Movie Wiki Cast And Review: Life In Circus, Kumud Mishra magic and Charlie Chaplin

Ram Singh Charlie Full Movie Wiki Cast And Review: Life In Circus, Kumud Mishra’s magic and Charlie Chaplin!

Time teaches everything… This world is the biggest circus. These things are often heard. But what happens when someone puts this story on the screen.

A new film has recently appeared on Sony Live, titled Ram Singh Charlie. A story started with the circus tells you about different points of life. There is a lot to see in this film of Kumud Mishra and Divya Dutta. What’s special in this, let’s know …

How is the story of the film “Ram Singh Charlie”?

Ram Singh (Kumud Mishra) plays the character of the film Ram Singh Charlie. The name Charlie is attached together, which tells you that it has nothing to do with Charlie Chaplin. Ram Singh’s father first worked in a big circus and then himself. Ram Singh used to be Charlie Chaplin there and loved everyone.

But when the time changed, the circus stopped, Charlie Chaplin’s dream was also broken. After this, a lot changed in Ram Singh’s life, he ran on the streets for hard work again.

And finally erected his own circus, the son went ahead and fulfilled his dream. It is right to tell the story in this way, otherwise the fun of the film will be gritty.

Ram Singh Charlie Movie’s Actors Performance

This twenty-two-hour film is completely set on Kumud Mishra. They smile, cry, act, talk lightly. Everything makes you look. Ram Singh’s character, whether he is a Charlie Chaplin for a while or a rickshaw on the road, Kumud Mishra tied the entire film on his own. Divya Dutta played her well.

The writer-director gave a much more impression than the time he gave to Divya on screen as a story. Apart from these two, there are many side roles as well, but Farooq, who plays the emperor, left his mark in a completely different way

Direction and Story Of The Movie “Ram Singh Charlie”

The film was directed by Nitin Kakkar and written by Sharib Hashmi. The duo is working with Filmistan. When and what to show in dialogue and film, it is played in a very good way.

Also, the line that the common man tried to show, that line has also been caught right. According to which the film was written and directed, half of its work was made easy by Kumud Mishra.

Where did the film “Ram Singh Charlie” go wrong?

The entire theme of the film is set on Charlie Chaplin, but the biggest flaw is that Kumud Mishra is not able to be seen as Charlie Chaplin even for a difficult five minutes. If you leave only one scene with the child. Apart from this, when Kumud is playing the role of Rickshawale in the film, you will repeatedly remember Balraj Sahni of two bighas of land.

Come to the city to earn money from the village, leave someone’s rickshaw and start driving the rickshaw itself. Making the children happy while driving a rickshaw, meeting the old owner.

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