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Puzhu Movie Review: ‘Puzhu’ filters through caste politics

Mega star Mammootty is making his acting debut in a film directed by a woman. Mammootty and Parvathy Thiruvoth are teaming up for the first time and after a while Mammootty returns as a character in a negative shade. Mammootty’s return to the screenplay by Unda’s screenwriter Harshad, who has won the admiration and critical acclaim of both audiences, is another factor that has raised hopes.

Newcomer Ratheena P.T. ‘Worm’ directed by.

Although small and sometimes beautiful to look at, we look at the baby worm with disgust. A kind of disturbing creature in the beholder.
Mammootty’s central character, Puzhuvum, is such a disturbing film. At first glance, the film is a thriller that moves very slowly like a worm.

Mammootty plays a retired police officer who lives in a flat in the city with his son, a schoolboy. He does not have a name. Yet loved ones call him a bitch. After the death of his wife, his only son is his world. He is a parent who loves to do things with great discipline and imposes his own habits on his son. And a person who rejoices in genocide. His own son, a schoolboy, decides how to walk, how to sit, what to eat, and how to brush his teeth.

His mind and humanity have been tainted by his unbearable aristocratic attitude and caste thinking. There is nothing wrong with sharing what we have with others, but even the question of why we do not want what they give us comes up in the mindset of the elite. He is in the shadow of some fears and conflicts as well as failing as a father. Mammootty is releasing his superstar status.

Kuttappan, a playwright who was handled by his cousin Sasi, was shocked by the presentation. Kuttappan’s wife Parvathy, Master Vasudev, Ramesh Kottayam, Indrans and Kunchan all performed well. The level of disgust that the lower caste father-in-law instills in his brother-in-law is beyond measure. Kuttappan bravely climbs into the interior of his estranged wife’s house. Kuttan, who holds his wife’s hand and proudly raises his head when he realizes that no one there wants them, is a slap in the face to the golden attitude.

Theni Eshwar’s camera and Jacques Bijoy’s background music reinforce the uncomfortable scenes in the film.

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