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Publicly insulting a complainant by a defendant is reprehensible – WCC

Women in Cinema Collective responds to allegations of sexual harassment against actor and producer Vijay Babu. The WCC responded by sharing a note containing the allegations made by the actress. The WCC stated that a defendant’s public insult to a plaintiff was reprehensible and punishable by law, and that the defendant’s removal appeared to be an attempt to mock the judicial system.

WCC Note

Another shocking allegation of sexual harassment and violence in Malayalam cinema is now coming out.
Such incidents are becoming more and more common as the committees come and go. The WCC reiterates that crime is committed here under the guise of professional equations and professional space.

Anyone has the right to formally report a crime against themselves to the police. The judiciary has the right to decide who the victim is, and no one else. Publicly insulting a complainant by a defendant is reprehensible and punishable by law. Without submitting oneself to the judicial process, it would seem that expressing one’s presence online through such an act is an attempt to mock the justice system.

The WCC urges the authorities to take stern action and hope that the Malayalam film industry will condemn these acts and make the workplace women friendly by keeping criminals away.

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