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Place Cow Decoys in Farms: Where To Place Cow Decoys at Farms?

Place Cow Decoys In Farms

After being asked to place prepper supplies in the hayseed’s farms, you’ll be then asked to place the decoy cows around the farm. This helps you cause 26 damage to an alien-driven saucer- aka Fortnite’s fancy UFOs. you will get 30 XP by completing this task. This will help get the battle stars for the season 7 battle pass.

Cow Decoys – Locations

There are 14 locations to place the cow decoys in Farms,

  • Around the back of the shed furthest to the west in Corny Complex

  • By the yellow truck near the windmill in west Corny Complex

  • Next to the telegraph pole near the windmill in west Corny Complex

  • Next to the small field with a scarecrow in it, near the shack in south Corny Complex

  • Near the rock next to the southeastern shed in Corny Complex

  • By the shed south of the house in Corny Complex

  • Next to the grain silos in east Corny Complex

  • Cross the dirt bridge between Corny Complex and Hayseed’s Farm farm

  • Head up the dirt path heading east from the dirt bridge from Corny Complex to Hayseed’s Farm

  • Head towards Hayseed’s farmhouse. It’s just outside of it

  • Around the back of Hayseed’s farmhouse, close to some trees and hay bales

  • Near the bridge east of Hayseed’s Farm

  • Next to a hay bale just to the side of the dirt path leading to Hayseed’s farmhouse

  • On the corner of the road leading to the bridge east of Hayseed’s Farm

How to Place Cow Decoys in Farms?

 You have to place 3 cow decoys in total. Hayseed’s Farm is located northeast of Corny Complex. You can arrive at Hayseed farm using the battle bus. Once you arrive at the area, you’ll find yourself in an open area. Walk around the open place and reach the locations mentioned above to place the Cow decoys.  Once you reach there you’ll notice that there are three Fortnite cow decoys located within close distance of one another. The list of locations should help you to avoid other players who also doing this week’s questline! Now, it’s time to cause 26 damage to an Alien-driven Saucer.

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Place Cow Decoys in Farms: FAQs

1. When do cow decoys appear in Fortnite?

It appears during week 6, after getting orders from a payphone, placing Prepper Supplies in Hayseed’s Farm, and dealing 25 damage to opponents in Corny Complex or Hayseed’s.

2. Are cow decoys easy to find?

You can find the above-mentioned locations in the hayseed farms.

3. How to finish the legendary quest in Fortnite?

The Legendary quest can be completed by placing cow decoys in farms..

4. What do we get when we finish placing the cow decoys in the farms?

By completing this challenge you get 30k XP.

5. What do we need to unlock battle stars for the Season 7 Battle Pass?

The 30 XP you get by completing the legendary quest challenge will help you unlock the battle stars for the season battle pass.

6. What to do after the legendary quest challenge?

You can take on the next challenge.

7. What happens after placing the cow decoys in the farms?

 Now, it’s time to cause 26 damage to an Alien-driven Saucer.

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