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Patricia Allison: This is what the actress who played Ola in the Sex Education series looks like now

At the age of 10, the talented actress Patricia Allison began her career as a child entertainer and performed on stage at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to praise from all. HER role as Ola in Sex Education is what gives her current recognition, creating a wide fan base for her work even after leaving the series. “I absolutely loved being on Sex Education and playing Ola, but unfortunately, I won’t be joining the team for Season 4,” Allison said.

At 28, Patricia Allison sees everything more clearly “I am a very spiritual person and that always comes into my work and how I see my life in terms of where I want to go, and so, over the years, more now since “Sex Education”, I have had the time and the privilege of knowing many books and authors, women whom I really like to follow, who have helped me find a voice and another language”.

Patricia Allison looks more physically mature and her philosophical perspective has been reflected in recent interviews “I try to be grateful because I feel that we can also forget the fact that the stars come out at night and the moon has its cycle, and these things happen all the time. time, the sun rises and sets and we don’t. we have to do something for it, just like we don’t have to do anything with the breath, it just happens. All these things are happening and have been happening for a long time, and that gives me great comfort because they are here and they have a greater power than we could ever imagine.”

Nearing 30 years of age, Patricia Allison’s convictions are stronger and clearer

“I have rediscovered my courage, which is interesting. I’ve been meditating on it and I’ve been thinking, “What makes me brave now? What is it that I can do that gives me courage? The first thing that came to my mind was not to feel happy all the time, to allow myself to feel everything that I am feeling and not to reject any feeling or try to repress any feeling,” Patricia Allison continued reflecting .

Now, Patricia Allison has a clear goal, she wants to produce and direct “There’s a really interesting story that I want to tell but haven’t quite written yet, and I want to turn it into something: it has to do with the environment and agriculture of all times in Kenya. The women there are farmers. I want to tell stories that are politically charged and active, but also have a lot of heart, some related themes, and maybe something new that we haven’t seen before. I like these kinds of ways of looking at it, almost like a mockumentary/documentary, but more historically relevant; maybe it can also be informative, informing about how we can bring these traditional farming methods into the future, into the present and continue.”


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