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Ours is a country where ‘self-sacrifice’ is very interesting – Mamta Mohandas

Actress Mamta Mohandas says that ours is a country where self-sacrifice is of great interest. She was speaking at Club FM UAE’s Talk of the Town event. Women love to victimize themselves. They asked how long they had been singing the same song.

She said she should live as a woman with pride and as an example, not as a victim.

‘As women, we use our intellect in many ways. Why do we leave it at that and protest in some respects’, she asked. ‘I always say that women in this generation are starting to make some changes. Be proud of it.

I do not shy away from criticism. Critics have their own reasons. Then my family is my strength. I would not have overcome many difficulties without the strong support they gave me. I have never spoken or acted like a victim. ‘

Today, girls get more privileges than boys. Girls are more confident. “Girls are smart and boys are not good enough,” she said.

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