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Orange Is The New Black Season 8 : Introduction

Since its 2013 premiere on Netflix, Orange Is the New Black has been a success. It was the third Netflix series to be streamed. Its story is varied and it has been streamed seven seasons, making it the longest-running Netflix series. It helped Netflix achieve the highest level of streaming.

Introduction to Orange Is The New Black:

Only on Netflix, the series premiered July 11, 2013. This prison drama is Jenji Kohan’s creation. It tells the story of female prisoners. The series also features female prisoners who can relive their pasts. Taylor Schilling plays Piper Chapman in the opening episode. She ends up in prison and leaves New York Life. The flashbacks and struggles of a female prison were highlighted in the show. The producers of the show revealed the true struggles of a female prison, as well as many untitled flashbacks. There was also a lot of humor.

Interesting Facts about the Orange Is The New Black:

Uzo Aduba, the actress who plays Suzanne Warren (aka Crazy Eyes), won the Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Taylor Schilling was also nominated for the Golden Globe award. There were seven seasons of Orange Is the New Black, so the first season has 13 episodes. Each episode consists of 13 episodes. The show has 91 episodes.

Sad news about Orange Is The New Black:

Netflix confirmed that the series would end with season 7, which was just six months after season 6. According to reports, Netflix officially renewed the series for seven seasons on October 17, 2017. There is no new season. This is the final season. It was the last season, and it was called a farewell. It was widely believed that Orange Is the New Black had ended with its seventh season. We were all disappointed when the final episode was revealed last year. However, Orange Is The New Black fans who are dedicated to Orange Is The Black should be able to accept the fact that Orange Is The New Black has ended with season 7.

Breaking News about Orange Is The New Black Season 8:

Jenji Kohan (show’s producer) confirmed that the series wasn’t ended as planned. According to Orange Is the New Black partners, it is. After lengthy discussions with the production team, the show was simply ending. They did not want the season to go on and made it longer. You can probably imagine that we might soon see season 8 of Orange Is the New Black. Are you excited? This is good news for binge-watchers as the entire show will be available to stream. All 13 episodes of Orange Is the New Black season 8 will be streamed simultaneously.

New Fish in the Pond:

Dale Soles stated that she was interested in the next Orange Is the New Black season. We can only guess at the casting and producer. Details of the series’ upcoming episodes are still unknown. There is still the possibility of a new story or a new cast to go along with the current one. Let’s hope Season 8 will feature a strong performance by Taylor Schilling in prison drama.

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