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One year later, Sania celebrated her 20th birthday

Saniya Iyappan: Sania Iyyappan is a notable young Malayalam actress. Sania is well known to the Malayalees as an actress, dancer and entrepreneur. Sania celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday. The actress has shared a picture of her current birthday celebrations.

One more year passed. “Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday,” she said.

Sania came to the birthday party in a light pink mini gown. Sania’s birthday party was decorated with pink balloons and flowers. Sania’s friends and relatives came to celebrate her birthday.

The day before, Sani had prepared a birthday surprise with friends. Sania also shared a video of the surprise party.

Sania shares her glamorous photoshoot pictures on social media for her fans.

Sania is often the victim of cyber attacks in the name of dress.

Her role as the heroine in the Malayalam film Queen, which was released in 2018, was highly acclaimed. With this, the Malayalee audience took over Sania.

Sania was famous for her dance reality shows. Sania played Isha Talwar’s childhood in the movie Balyakalasakhi.

She acted as Suresh Gopi’s daughter in the movie Appothikiri. Sania also portrayed Parvathy’s childhood in the movie Ninte Moideen.

Many pictures of Sania in Super Look are becoming a hit on social media.

The actress, who has made her mark in dance and acting, is also active on social media.

Despite the criticism, Sania’s glamorous photoshoot has a lot of fans. Sania shares glamorous pictures of young people on social media

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