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Newlyweds Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan apologize for wearing shoes inside Tirupati temple [Read statement]

Couples Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan who saw Tirupati holy place right after their wedding were banged for wearing shoes inside the temple and breaching the rules, the couple issued an apology for the very same

Newlyweds Nayanthara and also Vignesh Shivan were spotted at Tirupati holy place right after their intimate wedding. The couple that went to the temple to look for blessings were greatly knocked for wearing footwear inside Tripathi. Obtaining all the flak around the newlywed couple concerns an apology for going against the temple regulations.

Vignesh Shivan in communication with India Today claimed,” After the wedding celebration, we went straight to Tirupati temple without also going residence and participated in the wedding ceremony of Ezhumalayan. Afterwards, a lot of people came out of the temple as well as bordered us. We left there and also after a while, we came back in front of the Ezhumalayan holy place. We promptly finished the picture shoot and also chose to get out of there as the fans would border us if they saw us. In the following turmoil, we failed to notice that we were strolling with shoes in the location where it was forbidden to use shoes.”
We apologise for the hassle says Vignesh Shivan

He additionally included,” We apologise for the aggravation. We have actually been to Tirupati five times in the last month with the need to obtain wed in Tirupati. Due to various reasons, it was not possible to hold our wedding at Tirupati temple”

On couple of celebrities went to require the wedding event particularly Shah Rukh Khan, Rajnikanth Suriya and mothers, While Vignesh and Nayanthara that made their wedding event official after 6 years of their relationship wanted to get wed in Tripathi, however owing to logistics issues they cancelled this planum in that is one of the reasons they initially checked out the temple quickly after their wedding event. The couple that obtained wed in a grand luxurious way among pals and family will reportedly quickly host a wedding event reception for their pal in Hollywood.

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