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Netflix’s Bridgerton: What Fans Wish To See in Season 3

Dearest members of the load, we believe there is much that fans wish to see in the upcoming season of Bridgerton. Check out to discover!

Spoiler Caution: Bridgerton Seasons 1-2

Because the release of its very first season in December 2020, Bridgerton has actually become a preferred amongst audiences. The Regency-era love rapidly ended up being a binge-worthy series, with numerous hurrying through whole seasons in one go. According to Due date, the 2nd season of the Shondaland series was expected 251.7 million hours in the very first 7 days given that its release. This formally broke Netflix’s record for the most saw English-language tv series. Concentrating On Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), the season was likewise in the top 10 list of 93 nations.


Offered the fans’ dependency to the Regency-era program, completion of season 2 left fans rapidly yearning for a 3rd season, Although fans were anticipating season 3 to use up the story of Benedict, the 2nd Bridgerton kid, and Sophie, in a surprise turn for fans of the books, the main Bridgerton social networks pages reported that the 3rd season would concentrate on the “budding relationship between Mr. Colin Bridgerton and one Miss Penelope Featherington.”

Offered the surprise twist, although audiences of the series might have rather seen this coming, fans had a lot to state concerning what they wished to see in the most recent season of Bridgerton. Lots of required to Twitter to voice their viewpoints.

Enjoyment for #Polin

While fans were justifiably rather saddened that the series was differing the order of the books, they were similarly thrilled to see the relationship in between Colin (Luke Newton) and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) bloom. Regardless of it being made apparent in season one that Penelope had a crush on Colin, Colin’s relationship with Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker), Colin’s abroad journeys, and Penelope overhearing Colin’s claims that he would not court her tossed the couple’s relationship into unpredictability. Offered this and the reality that season 2 ended on a rather sour note for Penelope, fans are now thrilled to see how the relationship in between Colin and Penelope might play out.

User @Mnxeu confessed their dissatisfaction at the variance from the order of the books however likewise revealed their eagerness to witness the relationship of Colin and Penelope.

“Sad that season 3 of Bridgerton isn’t about Benedict but also super excited for more Colin & Penelope. They finally have their time to shine! We’ll still see Benedict along the way, so I’m fine with that. Bring on Polin content! #Bridgerton #BridgertonSeason3 #Polin”

@TheAnxiousTeac2, revealing their enjoyment and feelings, composed:


Expects an Empowered Penelope

While fans revealed their enjoyment at the possibility of Penelope being the focal point, fans have additional expectations for her character. Offered Penelope’s affinity for mixing into the background and not having the possibility to voice her ideas and viewpoints and have them be accepted within the load (other than as her modify ego of Girl Whistledown), fans now wish to see a more powerful, more empowered Penelope. Audiences anticipate having a Penelope who defends herself.

Revealing these beliefs, Twitter user @Raianyfr1990 stated:

“My guesses for S3:

LW will release what Colin stated about Pen: “I would never marry Peneope bla-bla…”

Furthermore, I wish to see Pen totally empowered. Perhaps even with a suitor to drive Mr. Colin Bridgerton insane for great!

#Polin #BridgertonNetflix #Bridgerton #Bridgertonseason3”

Delighted with Penelope as the Main Character

Fans were likewise thrilled to see Nicola Coughlan, the starlet who represents Penelope, getting her possibility in the spotlight. As kept in mind in Girl Whistledown’s society documents, Penelope Featherington has actually continuously invested her days as a wallflower, mostly neglected by her own household and the load. She just stood out anonymously as Girl Whisteldown. Now that Coughlan’s Penelope is lastly being brought into the spotlight, fans believe she is well should have of the spotlight and revealed their passion to see her as the primary focus.

User @wehner_emily composed:

“I have not check out the books so the order does not matter to me. It makes good sense as a lot has actually occurred with them currently. I’m thrilled and anticipating Nicola taking the centre phase 🤩

#Bridgerton #Bridgertonseason3”

Revived Relationship

Offered how season 3 concluded the relationship in between Eloise (Claudia Jessie) and Penelope, fans are likewise keeping hope that season 3 might cause reconciliation in between the buddies. With Eloise deducing the reality that Penelope is Girl Whistledown and after that facing her concerning it, the relationship in between the 2 buddies seems destroyed. “I wish never to see or speak to you again,” states Eloise to Penelope in the last episode of season 2.

The season ends with sorrow and anger staining the relationship of 2 people who were formerly inseparable. Versus the background of this ending, fans are now hoping that season 3 will fix the relationship in between the 2 buddies.

User @ours_keep composed:

“I really hope they fix Penelope and Eloise’s friendship quickly in #Bridgertonseason3 #Bridgerton”

Possible Concentrate On Other Relationships

Regardless of it being verified that the primary focus of season 3 will be the relationship in between Colin and Penelope, fans likewise wish to see focus offered to the relationships in between other characters in the story. Fans revealed their dreams to see more of #theloise, Theo Sharpe (Calam Lynch) and Eloise, Anthony and Kate’s post-marriage life, and the intro of the relationship of Benedict (Luke Thompson) and Sophie, in addition to #Polin.

User @writtenbysharpe composed:

“looking forward to pollin season! please don’t forget theloise 🥺❤️”

User @Mnxeu, likewise desiring attention on the brother or sister relationship in between Benedict and Eloise, composed:

“Can’t wait to see some Colin & Penelope development, some Benedict & Eloise moments, some Kate & Anthony post-marriage, and Eloise & Theo. 🥺 Maybe Sophie gets introduced in Season 3 too? Leading onto Benedicts season…? #Bridgerton #BridgertonSeason3 #Kanthony #Polin #Benophie”

Release Date

From the ideas revealed on Twitter, it is clear that fans have high expect what they desire from Bridgerton season 3. Just time will inform which hopes might come true and which will be rushed. Nevertheless, the wait time is still unpredictable as an authorities release date for season 3 has actually not yet been verified.

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