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Naruto: All Member Of The Akatsuki, Ranked Weakest To Strongest

If a story is only just as good as its bad guys, then it makes sense that the terrific Naruto series has numerous excellent villains. While a good number of baddies come and go, one of the most long-lasting atrocious teams in the franchise business is the mystical Akatsuki organization. Developed of ninja who deserted their homelands, the inspirations of this team adjustment as the tale proceeds, yet they are almost always working counter to the objectives of Naruto’s heroes.

Also with its fairly tiny numbers, the Akatsuki is one of the strongest groups in all of Naruto. Not every member of the Akatsuki is as powerful as the others, with the earlier generation being dramatically weak than later on participants. With the Akatsuki members placed, it’s clear one comes out on top.

Upgraded on January 19th, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Though the Naruto follow up collection Boruto has presented all-new villains to the franchise, the best understood is still the organization that ran in the shadows for the first half of the Naruto franchise business. The Akatsuki proved themselves incredibly effective, even when the major personalities really did not understand they were drawing all the strings. Even the Fourth World War could be mapped back to the Akatsuki members.

1. Daibutsu

Daibutsu is another participant of the first generation of Akatsuki and also in fact made it through Madara Uchiha’s attack on the organization. He tried to beat Tobi as well as Zetsu before they had an opportunity to control Nagato right into utilizing the organization for their own advantage yet to no avail.

He uses his remarkable size and stamina to possess huge, blunt tools in the battle to compromise and also tire opponents so he can apprehend them in his Water Prison Jutsu. Even if he was one of the more powerful participants of the original Akatsuki, he’s just no suit for most of the other members as well as could not stand a possibility against them with his more fundamental strategies as well as limited ninja capacities.

2. Kie

Kie was a member of the original Akatsuki, when it was a guerilla organization attempting to keep bigger nations from destroying the Hidden Rain Village. Nonetheless, he isn’t specifically effective and also it’s unknown what kind of abilities he has.

Like a number of the Akatsuki members of the very first generation, Madara Uchiha defeated him to ensure that he could adjust Nagato into collecting the Tailed Beasts with a stronger variation of the organization. There is a chance that Kie could should have a high place on this checklist, yet considering what little evaluate time he had and also just how little he impacted the tale, it’s more than most likely that he was an average to below-average ninja.

3. Jūzō Biwa

As the single anime-only member of the second generation of Akatsuki, Jūzō Biwa has some excellent abilities while not quite comparing to any one of his approved peers. He makes use of water techniques to surprise enemies and then strikes them down with the legendary Kubikiribōchō blade.

He also has enough physical strength to possess the gigantic sword with ease and was valued enough to collaborate with the exceptionally strong Itachi Uchiha on a goal to take on the Fourth Mizukage. His skill set appears to make him little a lot more than a price cut Zabuza, and also it seems like he’s rather a little bit weak than any of his contemporaries. All in all, he wasn’t much of a boost to the organization.

4. Kyusuke

Kyusuke is one of the strongest participants of the original Akatsuki, as he has extraordinary speed, can use sword techniques to overwhelm challengers and also can utilize higher-level nature transformation strategies to stun and petrify innocent foes.

He is unexplored and also unnamed in the initial manga, in the anime Kyusuke is shown to combine fire and also planet essential changes to make use of exceptionally powerful Lava Release techniques. However, he still isn’t able to take on the similarity Tobi as well as is easily bested by the concealed ninja. In any other condition, Kyusuke would undoubtedly be among the strongest ninja around, yet versus these super-elite offenders, he is just unable to measure up.

5. Yahiko

The initial creator of the Akatsuki, Yahiko is probably a powerful and exceptionally gifted ninja. Having wind, water, as well as fire nature affinities, Yahiko learned ninjutsu from the famous Sannin Jiraiya and is strong enough to command a whole army of ninjas against the recognized Hidden Rain Village authorities. To do this he would certainly need to have a degree of power and also charm much over a lot of ninja.

Even if he really did not play an extremely active duty in the events of the collection, he laid a lot of the groundwork for the Akatsuki coming to be a major hazard. Even if his good objectives were mistreated, it still took an unbelievable amount of power to develop the original Akatsuki.

6. White Zetsu

White Zetsu is an Akatsuki member with an unique hereditary composition that gives him access to a selection of valuable techniques as well as gives him an unique light skin with plant-like appendages. He can utilize every basic nature change to the fullest extent possible and also can even use innovative Wood Release strategies.

He’s mainly utilized for reconnaissance as well as details event goals as he doesn’t have much battle power and also can move via solid surfaces openly with his Mayfly strategy. He is a hard foe for many ninjas to take on, most of the other Akatsuki participants could defeat White Zetsu with either their raw power or their own, and an extra varied collection of strange methods.

7. Sasori

Sasori is the best puppet master ninja in Naruto and is almost never-ceasing. He can mobilize a military of upwards of a hundred creatures made from humans that all keep their capabilities, as well as numerous surprise weapons. Having actually changed his own body into a creature, Sasori is likewise unsusceptible to all type of toxins as well as doesn’t take any kind of actual damages from attacks that do not strike his flesh core.

Nevertheless, the majority of Sasori’s fierceness in battle comes from capturing his challengers off guard with his many surprise assaults and capacities. If someone understands about his secret creature body and puppet toolbox, he comes to be much less of a danger as well as is easier to beat with sufficient raw power or by making use of the weaknesses of his puppets.

8. Hidan

Hidan isn’t a lot an effective ninja, as he is a resilient one. He actually only has two techniques, his phenomenal everlasting life and also a technique that turns him into a voodoo doll that damages anyone who strikes him so long as he’s within a special sign.

This makes the cultist ninja a challenging challenger to defeat, yet rather very easy to immobilize if an opponent knows about his 2 capabilities. Shikamaru Nara is able to defeat Hidan instead quickly by avoiding him from drawing his damages transfer symbol as well as breaking up his arm or legs so he can not strike. Sure, it could be hard to beat Hidan without proper research, but even a little bit of planning is enough to ideal this never-ceasing ninja.

9. Kisame Hoshigaki

With a somewhat monstrous look as well as the toughness to back it up, Kisame Hoshigaki is among the most qualified members of the Akatsuki. Currently a threat with his vast array of water-based jutsu, Kisame’s toughness is magnified additionally when he makes use of the living sword Samehada in fight.

This weapon permits Kisame to negate any type of chakra assault, as the blade takes in the power for nutrition. He can also fuse with the sword to gain an even more shark-like look and also recoup from or else deadly injuries. With these amazing abilities and also a tough commitment to the Akatsuki, it’s not surprising that it took an entire team of ninja’s to lastly stop his villainous actions.

10. Deidara

One of the flashiest participants of the Akatsuki, Deidara is a nitroglycerins specialist who concentrates on widespread destruction. Combining earth and also lighting aspects to uses explosion strategies, Deidara uses the numerous mouths on his body to transform regular clay into moving dynamites he manages with his chakra.

This makes him one of the most flexible participants of the Akatsuki, as well as he is able to beat any individual that does not possess an unreasonable level of speed or protection. His only noteworthy weaknesses are lighting strikes neutralizing his eruptive clay and his very own shortsightedness. When they dealt with, he is one of the strongest ninjas in the whole of Naruto as well as it took every little bit of Sasuke’s cunning as well as ability to beat him.

11. Konan

An establishing participant of the Akatsuki, the only lady in the organization’s 2nd generation, and the expert to the second generation’s leader, Pain, Konan is a careful and extremely strong ninja. Uniquely, she can carry her chakra into paper for a selection of imaginative assaults, and she can also change her body right into various pieces of paper to move quickly and also stay clear of injury.

With enough time to prepare, she’s also able to push Tobi to his very limitation, by regulating adequate explosive paper to assault the covered up ninja nonstop for 10 mins. With the versatility, mobility, as well as sheer damaging power of her methods, Konan is an exceptionally powerful ninja and among Jiraiya’s strongest pupils.

12. Kakuzu

Kakuzu is another near-immortal and inhuman member of the Akatsuki. He possesses the capability to utilize each element of chakra to the fullest potential as well as his entire body is composed of tendrils that he can utilize like threads. This allows him not only regulate anything he inserts the strings into however also recuperate from deadly injuries by instantaneously changing his broken body organs with another’s.

Only by harming Kakuzu’s whole body at the same time and also destroying every one of the organs he has in get can this ageless ninja be beat. Taking into consideration that he has sufficient physical stamina to handle a Tailed Beast, that’s an exceptionally tall order that just a few skilled ninjas in Naruto have the ability to fill.

13. Black Zetsu

Black Zetsu is a strange being that is the symptom of the god-like Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Because of this, he has a range of distinct capabilities and the shrewd to implement a plant to revitalize his covered mistress. He can utilize every element of ninjutsu, the advanced Wood release, swipe chakra from others, and integrate the one-of-a-kind strategies of various other ninjas into his body.

Even if he prefers to work from the shadows, most of his capabilities are essentially a minimal variation of Kaguya’s strategies. If he is able to shock them, this makes him a definitely devastating pressure qualified of beating most foes in a direct flight and any kind of opponent. Only a handful of ninja in their ideal problem can best this enigmatic and bad animal.

14. Shin Uchiha

Shin Uchiha isn’t practically a member of the Akatsuki or an Uchiha for that matter, however he’s still an absolute powerhouse of a challenger. Handling the name Uchiha after establishing an attraction with the almost extinct clan, he tries to revive the Akatsuki during Boruto: Naruto Next Generations due to the fact that he thinks that violence will further human advancement.

He has many Sharingan eyes dental implanted all throughout his body and also an one-of-a-kind attribute that stops his body from turning down implanted body organs. His Sharingan allows him to manage anything he positions a special seal on with telekinesis, and also his clone military offers him plenty of workforce as well as spare body components. It’s not a surprise that it took both Sakura as well as Sasuke’s efforts to beat this ninja.

15. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is perhaps the most proficient ninjutsu and genjutsu user in the whole of Naruto, as well as covertly spies on the Akatsuki while serving as a member of the organization. He’s a master of the Sharingan’s most innovative techniques, including the inextinguishable fires of Amaterasu, the impressions of Tsukuyomi, as well as the battling character Susanoo.

If not for his persistent health problem, Itachi likely would have been the strongest living ninja during his time in the series. Few challengers can wish to match Itachi’s genius-level intelligence and also the talent he’s fine-tuned into practically unrivaled ability. Only those with also better all-natural presents or decades of training can want to match Itachi’s disastrous and complex Sharingan capacities. His arc is just one of one of the most fascinating in the series, and his loss is deeply really felt in the Naruto universe.

16. Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto isn’t an official participant of the Akatsuki, but he does function as a spy for them and battles to their advantage during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Using the expertise he gained while working for Orochimaru, Kabuto ended up being strong enough to defeat almost any type of foe in a straight experience.

He’s customized his body to be virtually impervious to injury and also can passively take in all-natural power to maintain Sage Mode indefinitely. Itachi Uchiha was only able to beat him by trapping him in a perpetual genjutsu that forced the genetically improved ninja to reconsider his life selections. Kabuto’s strength and also fight capability are practically without opponent, and only the most effective of ninja have the ability to also disable him for a few moments.

17. Pain/Nagato

Blessed with the famous Rinnegan that Madara invested years developing, Nagato handled the name Pain when he turned the Akatsuki into a villainous organization. With the goal of judgment over mankind as a way to be the focus of the world’s hatred, he utilized his Rinnegan to manage 6 corpses that each had unique capabilities.

On top of understanding each important improvement, Nagato might likewise destroy whole cities promptly by producing a large force. He essentially had the might of a whole military as well as was only stopped by Naruto’s use Sage Mode as well as the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s chakra. Nagato had the ability to regulate the strongest version of the Akatsuki due to the fact that he was strong than the majority of them.

18. Orochimaru

Orochimaru is both one of the most self-centered personalities in Naruto, and also one of the strongest. One of the legendary Sannin as well as a member of the Akatsuki when it fit his passions, Orochimaru has dealt with several of the strongest characters in the series and also lived to gain from those fights. His body is heavily customized and he is currently in the ownership of countless unique capabilities after absorbing others’ bodies right into his own.

He has more knowledge of ninjutsu than any other personality in the collection and also is indicated to have even more techniques in his repertoire than is humanly possible. Only a person with a ruthless degree of power has the ability to come close to matching Orochimaru when he’s at his top condition and also motivated sufficient to put his all into a battle.

19. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha, the man who laid the groundwork for the Akatsuki and controlled the organization from behind the curtain, expanded to possess every one of Obito’s powers, yet to a much higher degree. He could integrate the Sharingan as well as Rinnegan to develop the Rinne Sharingan and was actually able to defeat the entire Allied Shinobi Forces, in addition to ward off the initiatives of Naruto as well as Sasuke interacting to defeat him. He’s one of the most dangerous villains in the Naruto franchise.

His only mistake was allowing Black Zetsu to affect his choices, as his all-powerful kind enabled the goddess Kaguya to have and renovate his body in her photo. Madara is most certainly the strongest Akatsuki member and also perhaps the most powerful personality in the collection in an one-on-one fight.

20. Obito Uchiha/Tobi

Obito Uchiha, or Tobi when he was hiding his identification from the various other members of the Akatsuki organization, has the Sharingan, the Rinnegan, as well as the power of the Ten-Tails. This offers him a myriad of capacities consisting of intangibility, mastery over the six aspects of chakra, accessibility to all of Nagato’s abilities, and the capacity to damage almost anything with the Truth-Seeking Balls method.

While he only possesses this form momentarily, it takes the totality of the Allied Shinobi Forces to quit him in this state. He was almost invincible and also if not for the efforts of a thousands-strong military and also the unscrupulous of Madara, he would certainly have been unstoppable.

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