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My credibility has been restored, you only heard the teaser- Balachandrakumar

Kochi: Director Balachandra Kumar reacted to the High Court’s rejection of Dileep’s petition seeking quashing of the conspiracy case. Balachandra Kumar told the media that the court rejected the petition on the basis of strong evidence.

There were a lot of moves on the part of the opposition that undermined my credibility. I was skeptical of how the court would trust me. But I’m convinced. I have now regained my credibility.

Balachandra Kumar also responded to allegations of torture leveled against him.

I lodged a complaint with the police on November 21, 2021. Before that, there was not even a single petty case. These cases came after I opened up about what I know. Let the police apologize. I am ready to face any accusation.

Balachandrakumar said that only four or five audio clips were released by him in the media and that he had handed over 27 audio clips to the police.

All you hear is just the teaser. There are conversations that are about a page and a half long when Verbatam is taken. Everything is in the possession of the police- Balachandrakumar said.

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