Spoiler Warning: Moon Knight Season One

2022’s Moon Knight, the lately launched miniseries discovered solely on Disney+, stands out amidst the varied Marvel properties that mark the trendy media panorama as a result of its emotional weight and harsh violence. Marvel properties are sometimes inclined in the direction of extra family-friendly fare, however Moon Knight bucks this pattern and has been met with crucial popularity of its audacious try at adultifying the usually overly saccharine superhero present.

On a program with morales as murky as Moon Knight, villains typically have the chance to maneuver past the function of a easy foe. In his flip as Moon Knight’s main antagonist, cult chief Arthur Harrow, Ethan Hawke shows an unimaginable spectrum of emotion whereas equally letting shine each ounce of his appearing potential. Hawke’s Arthur Harrow undoubtedly stands out among the many already spectacular Moon Knight forged. Listed below are a few of the the reason why.


Arthur Harrow’s Glass Slippers Shoe

Within the opening scene of Moon Knight, audiences watch with bated breath as Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow slowly drinks a glass of water, units it on the desk earlier than him, wraps it delicately in a towel, and smashes the glass, then slowly dumps the shards into his slippers. Then, Arthur Harrow will get to stepping, and the sound of slicing crunches makes audiences cringe.

This opening scene units up lots when it comes to Harrow’s complexity. That horrific crunch of glass shards in opposition to naked toes sticks quick to the minds of Moon Knight audiences. This uncomfortably is furthered by the bodily appearing prowess of Ethan Hawke, who leans gingerly on his cane all through the shows run, and offers audiences the occasional wince to remind them of the fixed ache.

Maybe extra importantly, the glass slippers enable audiences to sympathize with Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, because the character is clearly searching for to humble himself to higher serve Ammit.

Arthur Harrow’s Muddled Motivations Dinner

On the finish of the day, it is not fully clear who the true villain of Moon Knight is. As an illustration, Oscar Isaac’s Marc Specter is pressured within the servitude of the god Khonshu on his deathbed. Equally, Could Calamawy’s Layla El-Faouly finds herself working as Taweret’s avatar to keep away from virtually sure dying. Although Marc Specter and Khonshu are established because the present’s protagonists, Khonshu’s fickle character and periodic outbursts are removed from morally sound.

In a present with this stage of ethical complexity, it takes a gifted actor to encapsulate the total vary of emotion that comes with a sympathetic antihero. Ethan Hawke, as Arthur Harrow, delivers the required emotion and extra to the purpose the place audiences can virtually assist him and his affiliation with Ammit, regardless of the path of our bodies he has left in his wake, preferring Harrow’s utopian beliefs over Khonshu’s murky morality.

Arthur Harrow as Ammit’s Affiliate Ammit

In Moon Knight, many characters discover themselves in shut proximity to Egyptian gods and goddesses. Oscar Isaac’s Marc Specter is the human avatar for moon god Khonshu. Could Calamawy’s Layla El-Faouly serves in an identical function because the Scarlet Scarab, the personification of the hippo-headed Taweret. Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, although he served as Khonshu avatar previous to Isaac’s Specter, is at present equally aligned with the goddess Ammit. This affiliation brings a completely new stage to his character’s depth.

Although offered as a menace to the world at giant, within the actuality of Egyptology, Ammit was important to the method of life. Nevertheless, her damaging doings terrified the typical Egyptian. When souls had been judged within the afterlife, their hearts weighed in opposition to the feather of Ma’at, goddess of reality. Those that did not cross this worrisome weighing had their hearts shortly gulped down by the crocodile-headed Ammit, and their souls had been misplaced to the much less fascinating quarters of the underworld.

With out an actor as undeniably gifted as Ethan Hawke, Arthur Harrow’s service of goddess Ammit would lack the suitable emotional depth, and Moon Knight audiences could be unable to grapple with the ethical ambiguities implicit in immortals. Hawke forces viewers to weigh the respective objectives of the completely different Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Might Arthur Harrow Be in Season 2?

Moon Knight is undoubtedly a masterpiece. Audiences worldwide are racked with anticipation for a possible season two, and leaving this eccentric exploration of Egyptology unfinished after season one’s cliffhanger ending could be a sin that might make even the most devious of deities spin of their respective sarcophagi.

Sadly, in a mid-credits scene of Moon Knight’s last episode, Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow is killed by certainly one of Marc Specter’s myriad identities, the lesser seen and profoundly punitive Jake Lockley. Whereas this can be dangerous information for individuals who discovered Hawke’s villain among the many most compelling character on Moon Knight, concern not; in a world of gods and magic, nobody is ever really lifeless.