The production of a brand-new, high-concept science-fiction thriller called Monolith has actually begun today. The movie will be a thrilling one-hander about a reckless reporter played by Lily Sullivan. Her click-baiting investigative podcast will reveal an odd artifact, an alien conspiracy, and the lies that are at the heart of her own story.

“The opportunity to make striking science fiction is one I’ve worked towards my entire life. I’m so grateful for this opportunity from the SAFC and the Adelaide Film Festival and am stoked with the team we’ve put together. There’s a real feeling of ownership from the entire cast and crew, and that’s a really supportive place to make a first feature,” stated director Matt Vesely.


Sullivan, an increasing star from Australia, function movie launching remained in P.J. Hogan’s Psychological, about a hitchhiker ending up being the baby-sitter to 5 teenage ladies. Sullivan went on to be in Picnic at Hanging Rock, a television series about the mystical disappearance of a group of schoolgirls, and I Met a Woman, about an artist searching for his dream woman who might or might not be genuine. She’ll likewise remain in Evil Dead Increase when that lastly comes out.

“Lily Sullivan has an impressive body of work behind her already, and it was obvious to us after our first meeting that she had a lot of passion for the project. We can’t wait to work with her to bring this film to life. The role she plays – the only on-screen role in the whole film – is integral to the film’s success, and we know that she’s going to deliver,” stated Vesely.

The Imaginative Group

Vesley, writer Lucy Campbell, and manufacturer Bettina Hamilton got $400,000 in financing from Adelaide Movie Celebration (AFF) and South Australian Movie Corporation (SAFC) through the ‘Film Lab: New Voices Program.’ The program is a low-budget function movie abilities advancement effort created to offer a platform for the next generation of South Australian skill.

“The fact we have had such strong market interest already is testament to the strength of the screenplay Lucy Campbell delivered in the Film Lab program, and we now hope we do it justice as we head into production. The timeline for Film Lab has always been challenging, but the momentum it provides to keep pushing forward is incredibly motivating and focus-inducing,” stated Hamilton.

Shooting for Monolith is set to occur in the Adelaide Hills and will get its opening night at the Adelaide Movie Celebration this October. The movie will be dispersed in Australia and New Zealand by Bonsai Movies. According to Bonsai Movies director Jonathan Page, Monolith is among the most initial he’s read in ages. He believes it has the prospective to blow people away, making Page delighted to both see the movie on-screen and bring it to audiences.

“We thank Bonsai Films for their support of the project – they have recognized from the start what we are trying to achieve and have been thoroughly supportive of our bold approach to genre filmmaking – we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome,” stated Hamilton.