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Money Heist Professor English Voice Actor: Lets Find Out the Voice behind Money Heist Professor

Money Heist

The Spanish series, La Casa De Papel had a huge response when it was released. The engaging fast pace storyline will have the audience hooked up to the series all day. Netflix will definitely not miss a series like this for sure. So Netflix had it dubbed in English and released worldwide on 25th December 2017. Also when the second part of the La Casa De Papel released in Spain Netflix also had it dubbed in English and released it on 6th April 2018. The grand of both seasons had Netflix approach Alex Pina and the Spain media, Atresmedia to make the third part of the La Casa De Papel. Netflix then renewed the series officially for third, fourth and now for fifth parts. Money Heist, as named by Netflix, released its fourth season at a perfect time when the whole world was in a global pandemic. Everyone was bored locked up in their houses all day, that is when Money Heist came to the rescue. Even those who have not watched the series earlier started to watch it from the beginning and prepared for season 4. Unlike other series Money heist gained a lot of viewers during the pandemic. Now Netflix is streaming the fifth part of the famous series. 

Money Heist Professor Voice Actor

The Character Professor from Money Heist has a very big impact on the audience. Sergio or Professor  or Salva is a very intimidating character with a master mind and a smart guy attitude. Everyone loves The Professor, except for those who are trying to put him behind the bars in the series. The main reason for loving the character this much apart from his plans for heist, is the stability in his attitude while handling literally anything. That Stability and confidence was carried beautifully and with an astonishing attitude by the English voice actor. The English voice for Professor is given by Todd Haberkorn. 

Todd Haberkorn

Todd is an American Voice actor who voiced for several films, animes, and video games and of course voiced as Professor in Money Heist. He worked for FUNimation Entertainment, Studiopolis, Bang Zoom! Entertainment, SDI Media, Dubbing Brothers and VSI Los Angeles. He is the founder of the recording studio The Habertat. Todd’s some notable works include 

TV Series:

  • Violetta – Federico

  • 3%  – Additional Voices

  • Marseille – Driss Ayoub

  • Cable Girls – Francisco Gómez, Additional Voices

  • Money Heist – Sergio Marquina/Professor 

  • Dark – H.G. Tnnahus, The Clockmaker , Additional Voices

  • 1983 – Uncle

  • Carlo & Malik – Fabioli ,Male Forensics

  • Samantha – Leon

  • The Mechanism – China


  • The Tower (2012) – Yeong-Cheol

  • No Tears for the Dead (2014) – Detective Jang

  • The Divine Move (2014) – Kong-soo

  • On My Skin (2018) – Stefano Cucchi

  • Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018) – Giseok Lee


  • Crayon Shin-chan – The Flamer 

  • Sailor Moon – Jadeite, Male Teacher, Recording Staff Member 

  • Sailor Moon R – Vampir, Shinozaki, Doorman, Jadeite

  • Initial D: First Stage – Keisuke Takahashi 

  • One Piece – Siam, Kohza, Nero

Other Money Heist Characters Voice Actor

Sergio Marquina Todd Haberkorn
Raquel Murillo Cindy Robinson
Silene Oliveira Cristina Valenzuela
Andres de Fonollosa Christopher Corey Smith
Agata Jimenez Cherami Leigh
Anibal Cortes Johnny Yong Bosch
Daniel Ramos Doug Erholtz
Monica Gaztambide Anne Yatco
Arturo Roman Brian Beacock
Alison Parker Reba Buhr
Yashin Dasayev Jamieson Price
Marivi Fuentes Barbara Goodson
Palermo Jamison Jones
Alicia Sierra Heidi Neidermeyer
Gandia Jonathan Root

money heist professor english voice actor

money heist professor english voice

money heist professor english 

money heist professor voice actor

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Money Heist Professor English Voice Actor – FAQs

1. Who voices Professor for English in Money Heist

Todd Hoberkorn, voices for Professor in Money Heist

2. What is the original language spoken in Money Heist


3. How many season does Money Heist have

The series totally has five parts

4. Where did they shoot La Casa De Papel 

Madrid, Spain

5. Is Berlin and Professor siblings

Yes. They are siblings in the series

6. Does bank of Spain really has gold

Yes. It is called as the “Chamber of gold”

7. What is Professor’s real name

The fictional character Professor is played by Álvaro Morte

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