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MCU: 5 Reasons That Cameos Are a Good Idea (& 5 Reasons That They Aren’t)

The MCU has actually ended up being understood for its surprise cameos. Audiences even anticipate brand-new movies and shows to include some. Here’s why it’s both a great and bad thing.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a goldmine of material. Whether it’s the initial Iron Man or the brand new addition Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity, the MCU is understood for bringing a wide variety of action to the screen while likewise preserving a common sense of humor. For instance: WandaVision left fans both baffled and excitedly interested as the plot of the series did not end up being clear up until partway throug. When the fact of Wanda’s actions was exposed, the MCU still discovered a method to approach the unfortunate story with a light heart. It appears that the MCU has actually mastered the formula for an ideal cinematic universe, matched by no other.

One particular thing that the MCU has actually ended up being understood for is the cameos that have actually been sprayed throughout the movies over the previous 20 years. From the cherished cameo looks from Stan Lee to the huge return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man: No Other Way House, the MCU’s cameos have actually ended up being something that fans eagerly anticipate. That stated, even if the cameos leave fans buzzing with enjoyment does not indicate that they are all excellent. Here are 5 reasons that cameos in the MCU are an advantage and 5 reasons that they’re not.


10 Great: Links Plots Within the MCU


Marvel Studios

With practically 30 movies to date, the MCU continuously cranks out hit after hit. Within their library of movies, all the movies within the MCU are linked in some method, shape, or type. For instance, Black Widow, which happens in between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, although it was launched after Avengers: Endgame, includes a cameo look from William Hurt’s Thaddeus Ross. His existence assisted position Natasha’s situations and develop the psychological stakes of the movie, as she had actually disobeyed the Sokovia Accords that Ross presented in Civil War, and was for that reason thought about a criminal in the eyes of the United Nations.

9 Bad: Distracts From the Plot

While some cameos are linked into the plot of the movie, as seen in No Other Way House, some cameos are cumbersome and were done merely due to the fact that they could. One example of a universally bad cameo is that of Samuel Sterns who ultimately ends up being the Hulk’s opponent The Leader in The Amazing Hulk. The issue with this cameo is that it simply shows Sterns being contaminated by radiation and his look contorts into a Leader-like look. Regardless of the huge quantities of possible to bring the Leader into the MCU, absolutely nothing else is made with this advancement. This cameo not did anything for the MCU and just sidetracked from the movie itself.

8 Great: Fan Service

When done right, cameos provided for the sake of making the audience pleased can take the movie to the next level. An ideal example of fan service done right was the look of every live-action Spider-Man in No Other Way House. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker fulfills the 2 other Spider-Men from alternate universes within the multiverse, depicted by actors Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. This minute left fans shrieking as every dream was pleased in the best method possible, an ideal example of fan service done right and, an event or the Spider-Man franchises as a whole.

7 Bad: Fan Service

Some would argue that for many years the MCU has actually ended up being absolutely nothing however a fan service device and, per CBR, risk of relying excessive on it by focusing on fans’ joy and providing what they desire. Among the best ways for the MCU to accomplish the mark of approval from fans is through their option of cameos, which are greatly affected by them and what they desire. An ideal example of a cameo that was simply provided for the sake of fan service was Elon Musk’s look in Iron Man 2. Fans wished to see the connection in between Tony Stark and Elon Musk side by side and the MCU provided. That stated, this cameo did not include anything of worth to the movie.

6 Great: Satisfied Stan Lee’s Dream of Being a Star

One constant that constantly handled to make audiences pleased was the cameos made by Stan Lee, the main developer at Marvel Comics. Lee appeared in every MCU movie up till his death, making his last live cameo look in Captain Marvel. While these cameos from Lee were constantly applause-worthy, many individuals didn’t understand that these cameos were more than simply a nod to Lee’s deal with whatever Marvel. Lee’s cameos satisfied his life-long imagine being a star as he appeared in all the MCU movies, playing a variety of various characters within the MCU.

5 Bad: Results In Limitless Fan Theories (& Dissatisfaction)

While lots of fans eagerly anticipate possible cameos in any MCU movie, regrettably, some take it too far. If they’re not thinking about what cameos will appear, then they are concentrating on the brand-new cameos made, creating any possible material that might be made with that cameo in order to anticipate material from the MCU prior to it even comes out. For instance: fans consumed over the live-action variation of the Spider-Verse, which resulted in them forecasting the cameos of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in No Other Way House. All this thinking resulted in the greatest surprise of the years in No Other Way House being messed up for lots of fans.

4 Great: Surprises the Audience

Absolutely nothing shocked audiences more when Sylvester Stallone, understood for movies like Rambo and Rocky, made a look in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as high-ranking Ravager Stakar Ogord with an animosity versus Yondu. Stallone’s look would have been specifically unexpected for older Marvel fans as you wouldn’t anticipate to see such an action star branch off into the comics world. Director of the movie James Gunn even confessed that due to the fact that of the quantity of favorable feedback on Stallone’s character, they prepare to go back to his character in future MCU movies. In reality, per Collider, Stallone will repeat his function in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

3 Bad: Too Strong a Concentrate On Cameos

Given That No Other Way House, fans have actually been eagerly anticipating the cameos that the MCU is going to drop in its brand-new material. The most recent release Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity has a variety of cameos in The Illuminati, from Reed Richards to Black Bolt, in addition to a variety of brand-new characters. This intro of brand-new characters does not truly result in anything of value in relation to the general plot of the movie. These required cameos at first appeared to be an effort to blow the audience away, nevertheless, the reverse held true, as the only cameo that truly had fans leaping was John Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic. Ideally, the MCU will gain from the error of frustrating the audience with cameos and ought to rather concentrate on the movie itself.

2 Great: Establish Possible Future Appearances

The most current cameo that shook ground in the MCU was John Krasinski’s cameo as Mr. Fantastic AKA Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Insanity. Numerous fans expected that Krasinski would ultimately get in the MCU and now, their desire has actually been satisfied. His existence has actually led lots of to question if this cameo was a one-off or if it is a set-up for a much bigger job in which Krasinski will play the function of Mr. Wonderful in his own Fantastic 4 movie or series. While all this is speculation at this moment, cameos supply the audience with brand-new characters that have the possible to acquire their own distinct area within the MCU.

1 Bad: Risks of Uninteresting Audiences

With the MCU reusing characters over and over, even going back to old bad guys, as seen in No Other Way House, they are attempting to utilize fond memories to offer audiences what they desire. While this does work to a specific degree, by recycling characters in cameos, it appears that the MCU is starting to do not have fresh concepts and is sticking to widely known and cherished characters for the sake of fan service. This can lead the audience to think that the MCU runs out concepts and the fond memories will quickly subside, leaving the audience dissatisfied and bored.

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