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Masters of the Universe : Revelation Haters

Bo Burnham’s Netflix comedy special Inside, which is less than two months old, already seems like a disturbingly prophetic piece of art about the internet age. Take a moment to consider the following line: “The backlash is the backlash to what’s just begun.”

The Masters of the Universe continues on Netflix. Revelation The movie, ‘The Hunger Games, was released just recently on July 23. Yet, the backlash against the thing that has just begun is already here. Kevin Smith, the MOTU: Revelations host, addressed fan concerns about the series in a new interview with Variety.

Smith stated, “I know there are some people who are like, ‘Hey, man! This show’s awake.’” “I’m like, all okay, great, then we’re fucking sequelizing. You can watch it again. Every episode has girls. It’s okay.

Perhaps a little background is needed. Masters of the Universe – Revelation This is not a new Mattel IP, but a continuation of the original. Bold storytelling moves are used to make the franchise feel more meaningful. The series’ first episode sees He-Man (Chris Wood), and Skeletor (Mark Hamill), both being killed. Eternia is left without magic. Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar), steps in to fill the void left by He-Man (save for a few flashbacks).

Masters of the Universe: Revelation was created to please the fans of the franchise. Many of these fans took to social networking to express their dissatisfaction with He-Man’s decision to sideline Teela. This all seems like an unstoppable cycle of internet outrage. This is so predictable that Smith spoke with Variety before the series premiered. However, Smith was able to answer the likely fan complaints ahead of the show.

Smith addressed concerns about excessive wakefulness and preemptively dealt with complaints. MOTU Revelation This is a big storytelling game.

He said, “I see people online saying, ‘Hey man! They’re getting rid He-Man!’.” Do you think Mattel Television, who paid me money and hired me, is going to have a fucking? Masters of the Universe Show without He-Man Get the fuckup, man. It was amazing. I could smell it. This is a bait-and-switch.

Smith said that Smith was not afraid to use harsh words and added that those who complain about the He-Man/ Teela twist don’t get the point. Masters of the Universe.

It’s been fascinating to see who is truly a hardcore fan. Anyone who says, “Oh, man! There’s not enough HeMan” or something similar, doesn’t get the concept of the show we based it upon. He lost his sword in episodes, but he never became HeMan. He-Man didn’t always save the day. His friends supported him. This was the best part of the show.

Smith’s ability to anticipate them this long history of dealing with fandom speaks volumes about his ability to withstand backlash before it happens. He began his career in writing and directing films, including clerks? Mallrats And Chasing Amy Smith often approaches the material from the perspective of a fan. His early work is full of references to comics and films. He also tried his hand at comic-writing with highly-respected runs. Daredevil? Green Lantern And Batman.

Smith has been enjoying an informal role as a professional love of all things, including Marvel movies, DC TV series, and Canadian high school dramas. Smith’s artistic abilities were not the only reason He-Man’s caregivers chose Smith. His blunt approach to handling bad faith criticism is another.

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