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Mammootty’s ‘Roshak’ lost to fans! I know more

Megastar Mammootty’s production company Mammootty’s second film and Mammootty’s central character ‘Roshak’ has been in the spotlight since the announcement. The first look of the film was released last day. The poster is full of mystery, suggesting that the film could be a crime thriller. The poster shows Mammootty sitting on a chair wearing a blood stained mask. Roshak will be directed by Nizam Basheer, who made his notable debut in 2019 with ‘Kettolan Ente Malakha’. We know the meaning of the word ‘Roshak’ which is notable for its name and poster ….

Also known as the roshak test, the roshak inclot test. This is a strategic psychological test. Roshak is the process of pouring ink on a piece of paper and folding it in the middle, showing an inaccurate picture on both sides that is almost identical and recording certain impressions based on what the person in front of them sees, and then accurately analyzing him using psychological interpretation or complex algorithms or both.

This test is commonly used by some psychologists to examine a person’s personality traits and emotional functioning. It is used to find the underlying thought disorders in cases where patients are reluctant to openly describe their thought processes. It is also used as a personality test to determine a person’s sick or non – sick personality.

The test was performed in 1921 by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rosshak. It gained popularity in the 1960s. It is widely used to assess knowledge and personality and to diagnose certain mental conditions. It is said that by showing pictures, the observer is able to go into his or her inner self by understanding meaningful objects, shapes or landscapes, or any pattern of the most common faces or other shapes based on life experiences.

The Roshak test is suitable for people from five years of age to adults. The examiner and the person to be examined are usually seated opposite each other at a table. There are ten official inkblots, each printed on a separate white card. Five ink blots are black ink, two are black and red ink and three are multicolor and white background.

After the test subject sees and responds to all the inkblots, they are re-introduced one by one in a specific order. When the person being examined examines the inkblots, the psychologist records everything they say or do, no matter how trivial. The test administrator records the analysis of responses using a tabulation and scoring sheet and, if necessary, a specific location chart.

The general purpose of the test is to provide data on knowledge and personality variations, such as motivations, reaction tendencies, cognitive functions, influences, and personal perceptions. Interpretation methods vary.

Roshak’s shooting is progressing in and around Kochi. The film also stars Grace Antony, Sharafuddin, Jagadish, Kottayam Nazir and Bindu Panicker. The film is scripted by Sameer Abdul, the screenwriter of Adventures of Omanakuttan and Iblis. The film is being produced by Mammootty Company after Lijo Jose Pellissery’s ‘Nanpakal Nerath Mayakkam’. Bhishmaparvam is Mammootty’s last film. Mammootty and Parvathy Thiruvoth will be seen in the lead roles in ‘Ozhi’ which will be released on May 13.

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