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Malayalam cinema has lost its leader – PV Producer P.V. Gangadharan recalled that John Paul was a scholar and sage. Gangadharan. John Paul ..

Producer P.V. Gangadharan. PV is also the producer of John Paul’s scripted films like Ithiri Poove Chuvanna Poove and Kattathekkilikkudu. Gangadharan.

” He was my friend. He has done my movies. He was with us all the way to the red flower and the windmill. I have known him since the beginning of filmmaking. He was a scholar and a sage. We spent a lot of time together. He and his daughter have come and stayed with us in Kozhikode. He was a big event. He was always busy with his family and so on. Such a gentleman has left us ” – VV Gangadharan said.

” He runs everywhere he is invited. He will be very happy to call us. We have lost such a good man. He has lost a friend and a brother. His demise is a great loss to Malayalam cinema. He was a person who could speak authoritatively about a subject. He always has a smile on his face when he speaks. He did not have the impression that I was a scholar and wise. We have lost the master of Malayalam cinema ” – PV Gangadharan added.

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