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Loss of withdrawal from Burrows: Prithviraj

Mohanlal’s directorial debut Burrows’ has been in the limelight since its announcement. The news that actor Prithviraj will also be playing the lead role in the film made the audience even more excited. But at one point, Prithviraj had to withdraw from the film. Now, Prithviraj’s words about his withdrawal from the film and the loss it caused him are going viral.

Prithviraj says he regrets having to leave Burrows. Prithviraj said that Burrows could not be a part of the film because the shooting did not take place that day and he had to go for a sheep’s shoot at the beginning of the second shoot or he would definitely have. Prithviraj’s response to Club FM.

‘The film was an opportunity to learn a lot. When I was there for a week, I spent all my free time thinking about what I needed to learn if I wanted to direct a 3D movie on my own (laughs). I was at that 3D station full time. They used the best 3D facility available in the world today. Besides, being a Malayalam film is not a cheap thing.

It uses the best technology available in the world today. I was terribly excited to learn all those things. If I had been able to stand there for ten or thirty days, it would have been a disaster. Then Santhoshettan shoots, Jijo Sir, Lalettan directs, it was a terrific opportunity for a film student. “It’s the biggest loss I’ve ever had to rejoin the film,” Prithviraj said.

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