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Kochi DCP says Vijay Babu absconding

Kochi DCP UV Kuriakose says Vijay Babu is absconding following a sexual harassment complaint. A case has been registered against Vijay Babu in the torture case. Police said a case would be registered against the complainant for revealing his name. But Vijay Babu’s explanation is that he is not in hiding but in Dubai.

Vijay Babu revealed the name of the victim through Facebook Live. Vijay Babu said that he was the real victim in the case and would take legal action including defamation case. Vijay Babu said that the WhatsApp messages between the complainant and himself are proof of this.

The woman alleged that Vijay Babu had tortured her.

The full text of the young woman’s explanatory note:

I was under his control because of his influence and authority in the film industry, and I was afraid to talk to others. It was a trap to use me .He even controlled my career and movies. One day for refusing sex, when I was menstruating he kicked me hard in the stomach. He spat in my face and forced me to have sex against my will. My physical health was not even considered. All this time I was in such a state of shock that I could not understand what was happening. But today I understand that I was a victim of rape. He was like a monster to me because of his influence in the film industry and I was afraid to talk about it and I was crying inside in fear. Vijaya Babu threatened to record a nude video of me and leak it, ruining my film career and endangering my life. I am not the first girl to fall into this trap of Vijay Babu. I was able to find out that there were many other women. It’s just that they don’t come out scared. I do not know. I can not stand this pain anymore. I sincerely believe that I will get justice for the sexual and physical assaults I faced through Vijay Babu. I’m moving forward legally.

No one in life, especially in the film industry, should go through such pain and physical trauma anymore. I want to talk to all the women who have had this experience from him and are silent, because together we can stop exploiting another girl.

NB: I will take stern legal action against those who insult me ​​personally, attack me personally on social media or try to tarnish my image and identity.

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