Back in 2019, DC Comics fans were dealt with to a brand-new version of a comic-book adjustment, which was the Todd Phillips-directed movie Joker. It focused around Arthur Fleck’s (Joaquin Phoenix) disrupted mental disorders and his undertakings to end up being a funnyman in an otherwise dull and seedy Gotham City. Arthur is sidetracked by his mental disorders and journeys to Arkham Asylum to comprehend the information of his fuzzy youth, and later on learns that his own mom let among her partners abuse him by leaving Fleck chained to a radiator.

Fleck’s comical efforts eventually stop working however not prior to he might get the attention of talk program host Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro), who welcomes him on his program, however just so that his audience can tease Arthur. As an outcome, Fleck shoots and eliminates Franklin and starts his descent into darkness.


The movie was among the most questionable comic-book adjustments to ever release to theaters, and just got a 68% ranking on Rotten Tomatoes. In spite of that, it was the largest-grossing R-rated movie, producing over one billion at the box-office. With all that cash, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise that Warner Bros. would be thinking about making a follow up, and they have those objectives, according to The Direct. Nevertheless, that does not look like a fantastic concept for a movie of this quality.

The Story Does Not Required an Extension

What looks like the most apparent factor for this movie to not get a follow up is that a follow up to this story does not make good sense. The very first movie was made as a standalone comic-book function that was to have no connection to the DCEU. Considered that the movie ends with Fleck apparently being captured by authorities and returned to the asylum, the movie’s open-ended and unclear ending appears more evasive if it simply remains in that state.

The ending of the movie offers it the secret that surrounds the styles. Its nuanced and subtle mechanics provided the audience enough of Fleck that they were bought the character. Understanding that Fleck has presently end up being an icon, his advancement and character as the clown prince of criminal activity does not truly require that a lot more elaboration. He and the movie have a unique quality that most DC movies might never ever record.

It Might Water Down the Appeal of the First Movie

Something that people typically see in Hollywood, is the constant usage of franchises bombarding the silver screens. Enjoying Joker, audiences saw a new development in superhero movie theater, where, rather of beasts and area alien battles clashing throughout the screen, audiences see a man attempting to make his method through the world in all of this insanity.

The movie showed to be a departure from franchise movies and provided a down-to-earth grounded story apart from the DCEU and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Visibly, franchises like Star Wars and Marvel have actually made a myriad of movies that have actually made a great deal of cash for their business (primarily Disney). Their extreme movie-making and world-building has actually virtually watered each movie down to the point that it’s difficult to make-out which movie stands apart in each franchise.

If Joker chooses to decrease this track of follows up and world-building, it will make the 2019 movie lesser and less pertinent throughout the years with each brand-new movie that comes out. Leaving Todd Phillips’ movie alone is the only method to make and keep Joker unique and special in comic-book adjustments.

The Movie Would Feel Redundant

To be reasonable, there isn’t that much that the follow up might discuss when building on what has actually currently been developed in the very first movie. The follow up might go even more and discuss his conferences with Batman and/or Harley Quinn, however that has currently been established in previous DC movies, and who wishes to see another interaction in between The Dark Knight and Joker?

The movie would feel redundant, instead of including something brand-new to comic-book movies. It would eventually rework what fans have actually currently ended up being familiar with.

It Might Flop at the Box Office

In a Hollywood pattern that appears too familiar, is that the follow up will most likely refrain from doing along with the initial. Furthermore, it may even stop working at package office, because lots of follows up stop working to match the success of their predecessors. Because the very first movie set the bar so extremely high, the follow up appears less most likely to do the exact same.

When you integrate all of those data and elements, if the follow up must emerge, the movie would have a lot depending on it, and it might certainly be a blow to the series if it does not provide.