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Johnny Depp attacked with a broken bottle and sexually assaulted; Amberhead bursting into tears

The defamation suit between Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Head is embroiled in allegations and counter-allegations. Head has demanded $ 50 million from Depp. Amberhead’s trial is currently in progress. Head alleges that Depp sexually assaulted and beat him with a broken bottle. Head testified in court, bursting into tears.

Depp would constantly harass me. He has also been accused of having illicit relations. His clothes are torn. He was kicked in the face and abdomen, Head alleged.

At Depp’s trial, he said he had never physically abused Head. The media portrayed him as beating his wife. I’m the only one who can speak for me. I’m here for my family. “I’m never beaten a woman in my life, not even Haydn,” Depp said. Serious allegations were made against Head. Depp alleged that he did not harm Head and that he was the one who accepted the torture. Depp also submitted an audio recording of the incident to the court. Depp also alleged that Head had defecated in bed out of resentment towards him.

Depp and Herd were married in 2015. Heard also alleged that she was subjected to severe physical and mental abuse throughout her marriage. Head had earlier revealed that life with Depp was like hell and that he suffered terribly every day. Head says Depp is addicted to alcohol and drugs. Head describes Depp as a monster. Depp claims that what Head says is untrue. Depp said in an interview that he was “thankful” for being portrayed as a torturer.

The problems began when Head wrote an article in the Washington Post about domestic violence. Depp was later dropped from the film industry by major production companies, including Disney. He then sued DePhead for $ 50 million. But lawyers say Head’s article was not about Depp. This was not taken at face value by the court. The legal battle between the two then escalated. But the court rejected it.

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