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John Paul is not dead, he is killed! It lay cold on the floor for three hours

Screenwriter John Paul (72), who has made a name for himself in the history of Malayalam cinema, fell from his bed and lay on the floor for three hours. Jolly Joseph, the producer and John Paul’s friend, said he sought the help of several ambulances and firefighters to rush John Paul to the hospital, but no one turned up. The revelation came in a note shared by Jolie entitled ‘John Paul Sir is not dead, our system was killed’.

Actor Kailash and his family sought the help of ambulances and firefighters but to no avail. It was two o’clock in the morning when he finally fell out of bed at eight o’clock at night and was taken to bed with the help of the police and others.

Jolly Joseph’s words:

Knowing that I could not leave the shooting location which was attended by about two hundred people for any reason, I immediately called my best friend and actor Kailash …! My call came when Kailash was out for dinner with his family when he came home after the shooting of Jayaraj Sir’s film … Immediately he rushed with his family to John Sir’s house ….

When they reached the sir’s house in just twenty minutes, they fell out of bed and looked for ways to lift the sir lying on the cold floor …. but they could not lift the heavy sir …! They immediately called a number of ambulances, but were told that they would not do such work and would only come to take him to the hospital.

While Kailash was gathering bedsheets and pillows next to the slightly frightened sir, his wife Divya was calling all the firefighters in Ernakulam and telling them …. their response was “Call ambulances for such needs, we will come only in case of accident” …!

When the police contacted the control room, two officers from the Palarivattom police station came to the house … but the police officers called the ambulance and the fire brigade as it was dangerous to lift the sir without a stretcher even if there were four of them … but no one looked back, everyone was frustrated, time was running out …

Meanwhile, the policemen who came there returned …! Sir’s body lay frozen on the cold ground and Kailash was pacifying Sir with the cloths and sheets he had in his hand. Divya was again calling for ambulances and firefighters and the truth is that no one came.

Meanwhile, actor Dinesh Prabhakar jumped at Kailash’s call. After a while, the good officers at Palarivattom station came with an ambulance from Ernakulam Medical Center … Then with the help of everyone, it was two o’clock in the morning when Sir was put to bed with great difficulty.

The problems caused by the impact of that day on Sir are not small. Every problem that started from there were sleepless nights and three hospitals financial difficulties .. Kailash and I went to the CM’s office in Thiruvananthapuram with the handwriting of the esteemed Sanu Mash and got the necessary help but all failed, he left …!

‘We need to do something’ was the last thing John Sir said to me … His greatest wish was … you and I will grow old and we will be alone for sure. Who should I call for a need? Who should listen to the call and help .. We should all think and act according to his wishes.

It makes me cry that Sir, who was with me on so many trips to listen to my experiences, stories and sorrows, to discipline me, will no longer be there. Thousands to offer condolences on death, no one should be left without even half a person enough …! My John Paul Sir is not dead, our system is killed ..!

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