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Joe’s past catches up in You trailer

Be cautious, this article contains spoilers. Netflix has actually released the trailer for the second part of the fourth period of You, which will be launched on March 9. The repair will contain 5 episodes.

The show is about Joe, a common bookstore supervisor in New York City, clean as well as well-informed. However, after meeting the aiming writer Guinevere, Joe reveals the dark side – a stalker and a psychotic. Using various other innovations and social media, he gas his toxic fascination with a girl, tracks her activities and removes barriers standing in the way of their relationship.

In the initial half of the 4th season, Joe Goldberg deciphered the identity of a London serial killer. It turns out to be Rhys, that in the trailer persuades Joe that they are similar to him, yet Joe vehemently rejects this. In the finale of the video clip, Victoria Pedretti suddenly showed up, playing the role of Love Quinn, Joe’s lover.

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