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Jesse Williams: This was the incredible transformation of the actor before Grey’s Anatomy

Jesse Williams is an American actor who was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 6, 1981. He began his television career by appearing in episodes of ‘Greek’, ‘Beyond the Break’ and ‘Law & Order’. Williams is best known for playing Dr. Jackson Avery on ‘ Grey’s Anatomy ‘ which is a medical drama series that airs on ABC Television. He has also appeared in several movies. These include ‘ The Butler ‘, ‘ The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants 2 ‘, Brooklyn’s Finest ‘ and ‘ The Cabin in the Woods ‘.

Acting wasn’t Jesse Williams’ first career choice, as he followed in his parents’ footsteps and became a teacher . He attended Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island. When he graduated from high school, he double majored in Film and Media Arts and African American Studies at Temple University. He used his title to work as a high school teacher in the Philadelphia public school system. The subjects he taught English, American Studies and African Studies.

While many actors dream of working in the entertainment industry from a young age, this was not the case for Jesse Williams. In fact, he didn’t pursue a career in this field until he was 25 years old. In 2005, he introduced acting and was then one of 14 actors chosen out of 800 by ABC Television to appear on the New York Actors Showcase. This led to him landing his first professional acting job in 2006, playing the role of a character named Kwame in a solo episode of ‘Law & Order’. Although he has clearly never pursued a modeling career, Williams has worked as a model in the past. While in college, he modeled for renowned global brands like Tommy Hilfiger Corporation., LL Bean and Kenneth Cole Productions. In 2012, she probably modeled for Lane Bryant.

The Grey’s Anatomy star appeared in Demi Lovato’s video

Williams has appeared in three music videos. The first music video she appeared in was Rihanna’s 2009 single ‘Russian Roulette’, which was on the ‘Rated R’ album. She later appeared in the music video for Estelle’s single ‘Fall in Love’, which is on the album ‘All of Me’. Jesse Williams is also on Demi Lovato’s 2017 single ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ . In this video, Lovato and Williams get married.

Jesse Williams is an activist. He is the executive producer of a media project called ‘Question Bridge: Black Males’ . He is also the youngest member of the board of directors of the civil rights think tank called ‘The Advancement Project’. In 2016 he won the humanitarian award at the BET Awards. Upon receiving the award from him, he delivered a speech related to racial injustice, the invention of whiteness, and police brutality towards black men. As a result of this speech, there were two competing requests. One was to keep him appearing on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the other was to fire him.


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