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Jerrika Hinton: This is what the actress who played Stephanie Edwards on Grey’s Anatomy looks like now

There have been many characters who left the hit ABC TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy,” but one of the most missed doctors on the surgeon show is “Dr. Stephanie Edwards”, played by Jerrika Hinton . The actress played the intern-turned-resident role for five years, from 2012 to 2017. Her reason for leaving the show? Hinton wanted to explore new roles and her creativity, including on Shonda Rhimes’ “Toast,” however the comedy pilot was not picked up by any network.

“When ‘Toast’ didn’t happen, I went away and had a spiritual summer in many ways. Shonda and I had a meeting at the beginning of Season 13 where we talked about my departure and my creative process, and she was very supportive of my wishes. Jerrika Hinton recalled. “And I am eternally grateful for her understanding.” She also added that she wanted to try more challenging roles that would help explore her talent as an actress.

But a tell-all book on ” Grey’s Anatomy ” said actress Jerrika Hinton ‘s rocky relationship with star Ellen Pompeo “hastened her departure from the show.” “How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy” details that a “rumor persisted” after Hinton’s sudden departure in 2017. The rumor circulating in the set claimed he was asked to leave the show for not asking Ellen Pompeo for permission to take Polaroids on set.

Jerrika Hinton’s character left the hospital to travel after an explosion left her with burns. “Jerrika was always laughing, but she was maybe a little naive,” Norman Leavitt said in the book (Leavitt was head of the series’ makeup department until 2018). “She hadn’t been around very long, so she maybe didn’t fully understand the power that Ellen had,” he added. “If she had gone and said, ‘Is it okay if I take these Polaroids?’ Ellen probably would have said, ‘Okay.’ But just by doing it and not including her, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.”

However, this small impasse did not close the doors to Jerrika Hinton’s career; On the contrary, she had a successful participation as “Natalie Gorman”, a therapist in the horror program “Servant” on Apple TV. But aside from the short-lived recurring role, her biggest hit so far since leaving Shonda Rhimes’ most popular drama has been “Hunters,” an Amazon-produced show about a small group of Nazi hunters in the late ’70s. depending on the medium

In the series Jerrika Hinton plays “Millie Morris”, an FBI agent who is also a lesbian, but has not come out of the closet. The actress stated that although the role is her most difficult to date, she is excited at how Millie allows her to explore her artistic credibility. “I’m having a lot of fun with this job, yeah,” she said. She also mentioned that she couldn’t have landed this role if it wasn’t for “Grey’s Anatomy” and her character’s fanbase, adding, “There’s a huge fanbase of people who really miss Stephanie, and I appreciate them.” Maybe now that Ellen Pompeo is out of the medical drama, maybe Jerrika Hinton can pay a visit as Stephanie.


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