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James Van Der Beek: This is what the Dawson’s Creek actor looks like now after his retirement from Hollywood

For a period of about five years, James Van Der Beek was one of the most popular actors on television. He starred in the ever-popular Dawson’s Creek , garnering a fan following that at the time might have been considered rabid. Add that to his starring role in the high school football movie Varsity Blues and James Van Der Beek was well on his way to a highly successful acting career. But then Dawson’s Creek ended. There was no Varsity Blues sequel in his future.

James Van Der Beek’s career began before Dawson’s Creek came knocking on his door. One of his first roles was in the series Clarissa Explains Everything. He then appeared on the long-running daytime soap As the World Turns, as well as a few other minor roles before breaking through with Dawson’s Creek. Later he moved on to TV movies, appearing in episodes of TV series, even finding time in a movie or two, but nothing came close to his success in Dawson’s Creek. However, Van Der Beek made one or two attempts. He found a recurring role on One Tree Hill and on the series Mercy.

James Van Der Beek, his wife Kimberly, and their five children (along with two dogs) recently moved. They had been living a nice life in Beverly Hills when things finally got too much for them and a move became a much-needed change of pace. Living life in California was not only taking its toll on the pandemic, but the personal devastation made the change all but necessary.

Actor James Van Der Beek made  a radical change in his life

James Van Der Beek explained to all his followers through his Instagram , where he began with “And… we have landed” in reference to his arrival in Texas, his new home. They then continued with his moving explanation: “In the last ten months, we have had two late pregnancy losses, each of which landed @vanderkimberly in the hospital, spent Christmas break thinking she had a tumor; I was prematurely kicked off a dance reality show that was favored to win in front of the whole world, and my mother died. And a shutdown. All of that led to some drastic changes in our lives, dreams, and priorities… and it brought us here. Overflowing with deep gratitude today.”

James Van Der Beeks have yet to decide if Texas will remain their permanent home, but he plans to give it a year and then see where they stand: “We’re going to try Texas for a year and really give this property a lot of love.” The property he is referring to is the 36-acre tract that includes the main house and a bunch of small cabins they plan to set up to visit friends and family. The actor and his family have yet to purchase the property , wanting to see if they will move to Texas or if California will call them home. “We have amazing owners, they are magical, so they really allow us to immerse ourselves in it and really manage the land as our own and go crazy with it. Which is really cool,” Kimberly added.


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