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If you play more, take it and throw it in the pool! Robin against Riaz

Bigg Boss Season 4 is a mini-screen audience favorite. With each passing day, the competition at Bigg Boss House is getting stronger. The match itself has taken to another level with two more people coming into the house through the wild card.

Wild card entries and other competitors are constantly clashing. Mutual animosity between the contestants has escalated with the addition of the Court Weekly Task last day.

Now the video of Rob threatening Riyaz is going viral. The problems started when Riyaz mocked him during the morning task. Robin told Riyaz that he would take more dials and put them in the pool.

Riyaz’s task given by Bigg Boss was to determine the age of the contestants according to their behavior and methods. Riyaz had said that he felt that Sooraj was only thirteen years old as he had not behaved in accordance with Riyaz’s assessment of 26 years.

Riaz said of Rob: ‘I’m going to give Rob an eighteen year old. Because it is the first step in starting youth. Robin is now behaving as if he is undergoing hormonal variation. That’s why he keeps saying from time to time that he will listen. A man who is thirty-two years old and a fake will be a fake at the age of 50 ‘

Rob’s reply to Riaz: Mone, if I had come here at the age of thirty-two, imagine what I would have been like at the age of eighteen. If I hit the dialogue too much, I will take it and put it in the pool … ‘

Riyaz also clarified how old he would be at the moment after talking about Rob. Riyaz said the twenty-six-year-old was behaving like a twenty-six-year-old. Riyaz has had the most fights with Robin since he came. Riyaz had said that he was gaining fans by playing a triangular love story with Robin Dilsha and Blasli, which caused big problems.

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