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I used to sing Malayalam songs to him every day; Malaika about her son

Celebrities celebrated Mother’s Day on social media with pictures of themselves with their mother. Actress Malaika Arora’s celebration was a little different. In a slightly longer post she shared on Instagram about her pregnancy and her son.

Malaika said she had heard when her son Arhan was pregnant that it would ruin your career. If an actress was married in those days, you would never see her on screen again. But I did not want to be one of them. Because I was raised by women who taught me to be independent, I knew that motherhood was not the end of my career. I used to work during my pregnancy. When my baby Arhan was welcomed, I decided to spend time with him. But as a mother, I assured myself that I would not lose my identity. Since then, I have tried to keep both promises.

Malaika recalls that two months after Arhan’s birth, she returned to the stage to perform at an awards show. I remember being proud of myself after that successful show. The realization that I could handle motherhood and my work together strengthened me. It gave me the confidence to take on more work. A year after my birth, she even said yes to the movie Call.

The guilt of being a ‘working mom’ haunted me, so I tried my best to spend time with him. We both spend some time in the morning. I used to sing Malayalam songs to him and those were the songs my mother sang to me (Malaika’s mother is Malayalee). I would try to work with him. He would talk to Arhan about everything. He understood, even when told of his separation from Arbas.

Today Arhan is my best friend. Morning singing has turned into Sunday cooking. Being a mother does not mean you have to stop being yourself. Motherhood is not the end. Malaika ends the post by saying that if necessary, consider it a semicolon, but never consider it a full stop.

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