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How online Usb Virus remover works? 2 Ways to remove Flash disk virus

Flash disk is one of the most popular storage media. In addition to its portable nature, the use of flash is also relatively easier to do to move data. So it’s not surprising, now there are many flash drives with various brands and capacities on offer.

Because of its popularity, flash became an easy target for virus makers. Do you know what a virus is? Viruses are programs designed to steal or delete data contained in them. Flash disk infected with a virus will cause the data in it can not be opened or read.

If the flash is infected with a virus, then we are obliged to clean it. If not, then the virus will spread faster to the various computers that will plug it in. So, how to remove the virus on the flash?

Well, in this article I will explain about how you can get rid of viruses from flash. That way, you don’t need to panic when your flash drive is infected with a virus. Just go to the discussion of how to remove the virus on the following flash.

How to Remove Virus on Flash disk

Usually, a flash that is infected with a virus causes the data in it to be unreadable. In fact, the data is already in the form of a shortcut. But, you dont have to worry. Because, on this occasion I will explain to you how to get rid of the virus that attacks the flash. Here are 2 ways you can do it. If your Flash disk has a virus, following tips will help you to get rid of it:

A. Using Smadav Antivirus

This first method uses additional software that you must install first. The antivirus I use is Smadav.

1. Make sure that Smadav antivirus is installed on your computer.

2. Please open File Explorer. Right-click on your Flash Drive. Then, select Scan With Smadav.

1. Make sure that Smadav antivirus is installed on your computer.

2. Please open File Explorer. Right-click on your Flash Drive. Then, select Scan With Smadav.

3. A window will appear regarding the scanning process. Wait until the scanning process is complete. Click button Details to view virus scanning details.

4. Below is a full view of Smadav. In this view you can see the viruses captured by Smadav. Click tab Virus for more details

5. Next tick Select All, then click Clean All. Virus status has become Quarantined.

6. Finally, repeat the scanning process to make sure your device is protected from viruses.

B. Using CMD (Command Prompt)

You can do this second way when the shortcut virus attacks the flash. This virus cannot be removed by pressing the delete button alone. In addition, this virus also hides the original data contained in the flash. To get rid of it, you can follow the steps below.

1. First, please open File Explorer. On the ribbon menu, click the VIEW menu. Activate Hidden items to show hidden files or folders.

2. Open a command prompt on your computer. Type in your drive directory. For example, D: and press Enter.

3. Next type the command: attrib -s -r -h /s /d. Then, press Enter.

After performing the steps above, reopen File Explorer. Indeed, there is still a shortcut file in your flash, but the difference is that the shortcut file can be deleted.

How to keep the Flash disk Safe from Viruses?

The two steps above can already help you to remove the virus from the flash. However, there is a possibility that the virus will attack again and you will have to repeat the same process. Tricky, isn’t it?

So that the flash can survive from virus attacks, you can do several ways to prevent your flash from viruses. To be sure, this method you can do when the flash is connected to the computer

1. Without Software

This first method only uses the internal software provided by Windows, namely CMD (Command Prompt). You can follow the following steps.

a. Reopen Command Prompt on your computer.

b. Go back to your flash directory. Type the command “md autoturn.inf”. The command is used to create a folder with the name autoturn.inf. Then press Enter.

c. Type the command “md autorun.inf” againautorun.iniaux.”.

d. Try checking your flash drive, then there is an Autoturn.inf folder that has been added using this CMD.

2. With Smadav

This second method is still using Smadav antivirus. However, for this second method, your flash drive is already in a formatted state to be free from any virus attacks. You can take advantage of the Smad-Lock feature which is owned by Smadav.

That’s the article about how to remove the virus on the flash along with tips to keep the flash safe from viruses. You can choose which methods are suitable to be applied. But remember, the antivirus that I use here is not the only one that can remove viruses. You can install another antivirus to protect your computer device. Hopefully this article is useful and good luck.

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