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Here’s Why Kathryn Hahn is Perfect as Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness turned into one of the breakout characters of MCU Stage 4 thanks to Kathryn Hahn’s efficiency, and this is why she is terrific in the function.

WandaVision premiered in January 2021 as both the kick-off to the MCU Stage 4 and Marvel Studios’ very first complete venture into tv, with a series that was set to connect into their approaching movie slate. Audiences tuned in week after week to unwind the secret of what was going on in the town of Westview.

Yet in spite of the series having to do with Wanda and Vision, among the greatest breakouts of the series was Kathryn Hahn as the meddlesome next-door neighbor Agnes who, in the seventh episode, exposed herself to be the MCU variation of the comics character Agatha Harkness. An effective witch from the Salem Witch trials, Agatha aimed to comprehend Wanda’s power and ultimately take it when she found she was the Scarlet Witch. The series ended with her being beat and Wanda trapping Agatha in a jail of her own mind, required to live out the rest of her days. Her fate was left up in the air, however it appeared Marvel Studios was conserving her, and while numerous presumed she would appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity, it was later on exposed she would get her own Disney+ series entitled Agatha: Home of Harkness.


The character has actually ended up being exceptionally popular, with the tune ‘Agatha All Along’ going viral and making authors Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez a Primetime Emmy Award for Impressive Initial Music and Lyrics. Hahn herself was chosen for a Primetime Emmy in Impressive Supporting Starlet in a Restricted or Anthology Series or Movie. The character has actually acquired a devoted fanbase, in part thanks to Hahn’s unbelievable efficiency and this is why she is exceptional as Agatha Harkness.

Kathryn Hahn is a Fantastic Starlet

Kathryn Hahn is a terrific entertainer, no concerns. She has actually regularly been a noteworthy comical entertainer in a variety of unforgettable functions throughout tasks like Action Bro, Bad Mothers, The Shrink Next Door, and Parks and Entertainment and has actually even gotten out of her convenience zone with the terrific 2019 HBO miniseries Mrs. Fletcher which was a mix of drama and funny. Hahn can make a character that is wickedly sharp likewise have subtle vulnerabilities and a strong existence.

Marvel Studios’ history of working with comical actors like 2 of Hahn’s previous Parks and Recreations co-stars Paul Rudd (her bane in The Shrink Next Door) and Chris Pratt settles. The entertainer instantly imbues the character with contagious energy that makes the audience wish to see the character bounce off other MCU stars. Audiences do not simply wish to see Agatha Harkness satisfy numerous Marvel characters, they desire Hahn’s variation to crossover. This is the very same winning formula that took Robert Downey Jr. to instant Marvel fame when he played Tony Stark in Iron Man, and it works for Hahn too.

Agatha Shows the MCU’s Capability To Remodel A Character

Agatha Harkness was developed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the pages of Great 4 #94 in 1970 and is an older witch who not just trains Wanda Maximoff in the art of magic however ends up being the baby-sitter and caretaker of Franklin Richards, the child of Reed Richards and Susan Storm of The Great 4.

While the MCU has actually impressed long term audiences with its fidelity to the initial source product, the franchise has actually likewise revealed that it’s comfy revamping aspects of a character’s folklore to make the best variation for the medium and story they are attempting to inform, from eliminating the Donald Blake personality to streamline the Thor movies, to upgrading Shang-Chi’s daddy to Wenwu, a reworking of the character of the Mandarin who might not and must not be adjusted directly from the comics.

Agatha Harkness has actually been remodelled, de-aging the character (a modification currently carried out in the Ultimate Comics), and while she still serves as Wanda’s coach figure she does so in an antagonistic technique, enabling Wanda to grow through dispute. The variation of Agatha Harkness for the MCU is a remarkable character, one that takes needed aspects from the comics however likewise bases on its own.

The MCU’s New Loki

Among the breakout characters in the early days of the MCU was Loki (now the title character of the most-viewed Marvel series on Disney+). While other Stage 1 bad guys like Red Skull and Abomination faded into the background (although both would later on appear), Loki remained and ended up being the main bad guy in The Avengers, which was among the most effective MCU movies of perpetuity. This suggested more audience members were exposed to him, however likewise since the characters naughty nature made him an understanding character audiences could not assist however enjoy to dislike. In Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok, the character moved from bad guy to hesitant ally.

Nevertheless now that the primary MCU variation is dead, and the version on the series Loki is a far more brave figure, the MCU remains in desperate requirement of a brand-new bad guy who audiences can’t assist however cheer for. Hahn’s mix of comical perceptiveness in addition to an ominous edge make Agatha Harkness the ideal fit to fill that function. Agatha might be a possible ally for a variety of heroes, however likewise might switch on them to match her own gains, and thanks to Hahn’s representation audiences would accept it and still root for her. The MCU requires a brand-new disorderly character, and Agatha Harkness can fill that function.

What Is Next For Agatha?

As discussed previously, the character is set to lead her own Disney+ series Agatha: Home of Harkness, and while it is uncertain what the series will have to do with, it is most likely to explore her backstory and potentially present her child, Nicolas Scratch (meant by her bunny Señor Scratchy in WandaVision) who is an effective wizard and opponent to numerous Marvel heroes.

The MCU’s magical side is filling with numerous supernatural-based heroes like Moon Knight, Blade, and the reported shooting of Monster by Night and Ghost Rider tasks. If these supernatural characters were to join and form their own group, they would likely require a magic spell caster, and a witch quite fits together with a vampire, monster, and satanic force.

The other capacity remains in the reported Dark Avengers the MCU is developing to. La Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine (Julia Louise-Dreyfus) has actually appeared in both The Falcon and the Winter Season Soldier and Black Widow, having actually employed heroes that seem dark mirrored reflections of the traditional Avengers, with John Walker’s U.S. Representative in the Captain America function and Yelena Belova as the brand-new Black Widow. Agatha Harkness might quickly be hired as the group’s Scarlet Witch equivalent. Regardless, like any terrific Marvel character, Agatha Harkness will return, and Kathryn Hahn has actually ended up being a welcome addition to the MCU.

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