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He said he wanted to see Manju and John Paul left with that desire

The film world bids farewell to screenwriter John Paul, who gave birth to many characters that Malayalam will never forget. He died at a private hospital in Kochi. John Paul is a genius who has played a major role in the integration of parallel and entertaining films in Malayalam. Actress Manju Warrier remembers John Paul who was present in Malayalam cinema in the 1980s and 90s.

Manju recalls that she went to the hospital to see him and told him that she would be back in good health and that they should do a movie together.

Manju Warrier’s words:

He said they would come back healthy and do a movie together. Those words had a liver beyond the limbs. Until recently, I also believed that it would be true. Farewell … ‘- Manju wrote.

John Paul is making his Malayalam film debut by writing the story for Ivy Sasi’s “I, I Am Only”. He also wrote the screenplay for Bharathan’s charm. He has written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the films of many famous Malayalam directors including Bharathan, IV Sasi, Mohan, Bharat Gopi, PG Vishwambharan and Sathyan Anthikkad.

He has authored over 98 films. Produced by MT Vasudevan Nair, Cherupunchiri is a National and State Award winning film. He also starred in Gangster in 2014 and Syrabanu in 2017.

He had been undergoing treatment for various ailments in Kochi for a long time. He was often able to get back to life after reaching a critical stage. He died at 01.10 pm due to low oxygen level in his body

He was 72 years old. He died at a private hospital in Kochi. He remained in critical condition at various hospitals for two months. John Paul was paralyzed by shortness of breath and low levels of oxygen in the blood.

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