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Halloween Movies In Order To Watch, What Order To Watch Halloween Movies?

Halloween Movies In Order To Watch

Movies have always been a part of daily life. Some may say no, but you would have definitely seen a video byte, a picture or at least a meme related to movies right? Apart from covering the younger audience, movies are preferred irrespective of age. It is the source of entertainment that people would love to spend time with. Spending extra money for first day first show tickets, setting up posters of your favorite actors and the list goes on. There are different genres of movies like, horror, thriller, comedy, drama. This holiday season it calls for some Horror!!!

What Order To Watch The Halloween Movies?

What strikes your mind when you hear the word halloween: Yes it’s all the terrifying and horror movies that flashes in our mind. Halloween is on 31st october , have you decided what to do on this day?  Horror movies have always been in the trend irrespective of whatever season it may be and as you all might know halloween and horror movies go hand in  hand. Wanna get spooked this season – Here some all time favorite halloween movies to watch. 

Order To Watch The Halloween Movies

No one can miss out on the Halloween series for halloween. This film is considered as the most watched horror film especially during this season. There are many parts  to this series but many don’t know where to start. So, let us help you with the best order to watch the Halloween series. 


To begin with, it is definitely the first and the best film to start the series. The film is said to be the most thrilling during the time and left the audience speechless . The movie was directed by John Carpenter with Donald Pleasence and  Jamie Lee Curtisin the lead roles. 

2. Halloween II

The next movie in the line is the continuation of the previous story with the same characters and actors. This film was directed by Rick Rosenthal and was released in 1981. The story continues about Michael Myers and his murderers. 

3. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

This part focuses on the character development of Michael myers. Right after waking up from coma he is in a  vigorous search to find the daughter of Laurie and kill her. 

4. Halloween 5: The Return of Michael Myers


Dwight H. Little is the director of the film and was released in 1988. It is shown that Michael Myers was saved by a commoner who took care of him for more than a year. But, soon after his recovery Myers begins his quest for Laurie’s daughter. 

5. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

This is set after 6years where Jamie is seen with a baby.  She  dies during the escape from  Myers who thought the baby was with her but it was with Tommy Doyle, the boy who laurie babysat in the first part 

6.Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

The story begins 20 yrs later where Myers finds out Laurie is still alive and works. He makes a comeback at the halloween reunion. The director of the film is Steve Miner and the movie was released in 1998

7.Halloween: Resurrection (2002)


This movie has the most unexpected scene for the audience – the death of laurie. Laurie set a trap for Michael to find her in her psychiatric hospital. She was successful in captivating Myers for an instance but when Laurie came near him, he stabbed her and threw her off the terrace. The winners of competition were sent to spend a night at the Myers residence. When Myers arrives to see cameras and live show telecasting , this triggered him to kill them 

8. Halloween (20=18)

This was the blockbuster in the Halloween franchise and received all the attention from people around the world. This was directed by David Gordon Green who saw the overwhelming response from the audience and decided to release a sequel to this part. This film can be considered as the sequel to the first Halloween movie. The movie goes about Laurie’s story after the Halloween part 40 years back.

9. Halloween Kills

This film is all set to be released on the coming 15th October, 2021. The fans of the halloween series are thrilled after knowing the comeback of Michael Myers. The director of the film  is David Gordon Green.  

10. Halloween


This movie  belongs to the rob zombie remake series. This film shows the reasons behind the murders by Michael Myers from the beginning. This film was released in the year 2007. 

11. Halloween II

This film was released in 2009, directed by Rob Zombie. Here, we come to know the story of how Laurie is dealing with her traumatic experience with halloween. 

12. Halloween III: Season of the Witch

This film is directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and was released in 1982. The film didn’t hit the box office like the other series. The audience were not satisfied with the story and the depiction of characters. 

Director David Green has announced the final movie ‘ Halloween Ends’ will hit the screens in the year 2022. 

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 Halloween Movies In Order To Watch What Order To Watch Halloween Movies-FAQs

1. When is halloween celebrated this year?

It is on October 31st, 2021

2. Why do we celebrate halloween?

It is celebrated to keep away the negativity and evil  spirits

3. What genre of movies are the best to watch during halloween?

Horror movies are the best option to watch during halloween

4. What is the first horror movie to be released ?

‘House of the devil’ is the first horror film 

5. When was the house of the devil movie released?

It was released in the year 1896

6. Which is the No: 1 horror movie?

7. Who is the director of ‘The Exorcist’?

William Friedkin is the director of the film. 

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