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Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams is ‘Truly Looking Forward’ to Home of the Dragon

Maisie Williams is thrilled to watch a Game of Thrones series strictly as a fan this time around for the upcoming spinoff Home of the Dragon.

Appearing in the very first season and making it through all throughout till the really last episode, Maisie Williams was definitely among the greatest stars of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. With her fan preferred function of Arya Stark, the series even ended with an appealing future for the character. Nevertheless, there are no strategies at HBO to see what follows for Arya, as the franchise will rather move on with the prequel series Home of the Dragon.

Concerning HBO this summer, Home of the Dragon is embeded in the exact same universe of Game of Thrones, however about 200 years previously. This implies that Williams’ character is still 2 centuries far from being born, eliminating the possibility of Arya’s return. However that’s simply great for Williams, who’s however expecting the upcoming series. In truth, as she gets to take pleasure in the series as a fan on the other side of the drape this time around, that makes it even much better for the starlet.


In a brand-new interview with Range, Williams discussed her Game of Thrones experience. She was asked if she was intending on seeing the upcoming spinoff series, Home of the Dragon, and it was a simple concern for Williams. She’s absolutely going to be seeing the series, in part to support her good friend Olivia Cooke while likewise curious to participate the Game of Thrones fad as a fan. As Williams discusses, she was never ever able to associate with the fans of the series who never ever understood what to anticipate next.

“I’m really looking forward to it, actually. My friend Olivia is in it, and it’s been really interesting just chatting to her about the experience. I think it’s actually a lot more pressure. All of the hung-over concerns of our show are now just being piled onto this new cast of people who had nothing to do with it. I want to be as supportive as possible to her as an actress, but also, I’m just really curious. I’m kind of looking forward to watching Game of Thrones — even though it’s not Game of Thrones — and experiencing it as a person that’s not on it. ‘Cause all I’ve done is meet people who have done just that, and I never really was able to relate to it.”

Maisie Williams Is Prepared to Check Out New Responsibility

Another factor Maisie Williams mores than happy her Game of Thrones days are over is that she can check out various type of functions. This includes her brand-new function in the Sex Handguns series Handgun from director Danny Boyle. These type of functions are rather various from Arya Stark which makes it all the much better for Williams.

“I’ve been keen to do roles where I have some kind of physical transformation, and that explore parts of womanhood that I’ve never been able to through playing Arya. I have a more rational understanding of people and the world around me; Arya was very hot or cold, no in-between. That’s just not the way the world works! It’s quite nice now to read projects and to understand these women in a new way. Because there’s so much more that I have to give, and I could never have done with Arya.”

Home of the Dragon will premiere on HBO on Aug. 21, 2022.

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