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Falcon and Winter Soldier’s New Captain America, Wyatt Russell Was Ready For The Hate

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier aired its first episode on Friday. Episode 1 of the series was mostly an introduction to the characters. What Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) are doing in the post-Avengers-Endgame world?

In an overall good episode that fans mostly liked, what caught their attention was the new ‘Captain America.’ Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced their new ‘Cap’ in the series aka US agent John Walker played by Wyatt Russell.

After seeing Chris Evans as Captain America (Steve Rogers) for years, it will obviously bring comparisons between Evans and Russell’s version of the iconic Marvel superhero. ‘Not My Cap’ started trending on Twitter as fans expressed their disappointment with the new Captain America.

Russell shared that he was prepared for the fans’ reactions. “People are probably going to hate it, and some people are going to love it. Shows are there to make people feel emotions, and I’m hoping that that’s what this show can do for people. Hopefully, they don’t hate me too much,” said Russell in an interview.

It will be difficult filling Chris Evans’ shoes and Russell was prepared to be disliked by the Marvel fans but he just hoped they don’t dislike him too much. “it would be an honour, I guess, to be disliked in the Marvel universe.”

The new Captain America was all praises for Chris Evans. “He did have an unreal, unbelievable job. That was a really different version of Captain America, with far less problems. He was fighting Nazis and he had less internal issues to deal with because everyone thought he was perfect. That’s just so hard to play, and he did such a great job of actually bringing some conflict with the character,” said Russell.

“He (Evans) is perfect. Who else can play Captain America like Chris Evans? Nobody! And what’s good about this show is that it takes that in hand, where it’s like, ‘Well, who else is going to play Captain America? This guy?” Russell said taking the joke on himself.

It will be good to see what the makers of Falcon and the Winter Soldier have in mind and how they go about with the new ‘Captain America’.


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