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Everything, everywhere and at once: Michelle Yeoh instead of Cate Blanchett and other SAG Awards winners

The US Screen Actors Guild , which almost always accurately “predicts” the Oscar winners (in acting nominations), announced the winners of the SAG Awards and added even more intrigue to the upcoming ceremony. Now Michelle Yeoh has every chance to deprive Cate Blanchett of her well-deserved third Oscar, and Jamie Lee Curtis can become the author of the biggest scandal, leaving the representatives of Wakanda without acting awards.

Brendan Fraser equalized his chances for an Oscar with Austin Butler and Colin Farrell, but Ke Huy Kuan was, and remains, the absolute favorite of this race. The prize for the best acting ensemble also went to the fantastic rubbish “Everything, everywhere and at once” , which, coupled with the awards of all other guilds, practically guarantees victory at the main film ceremony of the year. It can be hindered, perhaps, by the military drama All Quiet on the Western Front , which has become a BAFTA triumphant, which has not been admitted to all these awards – it will also be at the Oscars, and in nine nominations at once.

The full list of SAG Awards 2023 winners is as follows:

Best Actress

  • Michelle Yeoh ( “Everything, everywhere and at once” )
  • Cate Blanchett ( Tar )
  • Ana de Armas ( “Blonde” )
  • Viola Davis ( The Woman King )
  • Daniel Dedwyler (“Till”)

Best Actor

  • Brendan Fraser ( “The Whale” )
  • Colin Farrell ( Banshee of Inisherina )
  • Austin Butler ( Elvis )
  • Bill Nighy ( “To Live” )
  • Adam Sandler ( Breaking Into the NBA )

Best Supporting Actress

  • Jamie Lee Curtis ( Everything, Everywhere, All At Once )
  • Angela Bassett ( Black Panther 2 )
  • Kerry Condon ([“Banshee of Inisherina”)
  • Hong Chau ( “The Whale” )
  • Stephanie Xu ( Everything, Everywhere, All At Once )

Best Supporting Actor

  • Ke Hui Kuan ( “Everything, everywhere and at once” )
  • Barry Keoghan ( The Banshees of Inisherina )
  • Brendan Gleeson ( The Banshees of Inisherina )
  • Paul Dano ( The Fabelmans )
  • Eddie Redmayne ( The Good Nurse )

Best Acting Ensemble

  • “Everything, everywhere and at once”
  • “Banshee of Inisherina”
  • “Fabelmans”
  • “Babylon”
  • “The Women Speak”


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