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Encanto: We Do not Talk About Bruno Hides His True Tragedy

Apart from being one of the catchiest songs in Disney’s Encanto, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” additionally hides the unmentioned uncle’s greatest tragedy. The movie open up to a limited theatrical run before obtaining social and vital acclaim when launched on the Disney+ streaming solution. Perhaps Encanto’s biggest success, the original songs and also rating, obtained substantial appreciation, with “Dos Oruguitas” giving Hamilton author Lin-Manuel Miranda his 2nd Oscar nomination.

Not chosen for the Oscar, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” quickly became a fan favorite, coming to be one of the movie’s most-streamed songs together with “Surface Pressure.” The tune information the family Madrigal’s viewpoints on ne’er-do-well Bruno– the strange uncle whose fortune-telling powers have caused him being condemned for every single failure in the family’s history. Remaining fresh in target markets’ minds through its memorable chorus and also demonstration of Miranda’s signature Hamilton trick of melding a number of circulations into a single knowledgeable, a more detailed evaluation of the lyrics subjects a darker side to the song.

While “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” initially appears to be constructing a picture of the derelict uncle, it instead functions to subject just how the household’s views led to Bruno’s seclusion. Just as the household Madrigal is disclosed to be even more than satisfies the eye, the lyrics of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” operate in the exact same means and also reveal the preliminary track of alerting to be a story of Bruno’s true tragedy. The track’s lyrics show this tragedy through the family’s summaries of Bruno which– with him having lived in privacy for the previous 10 years– are all completely made up, also if components happen to associate with his existing self.

Camilo’s description of Bruno thus constructs a terrible picture of the guy utilizing rats and also an unusual physicality to define the secluded uncle as a monster further. To maintain up looks, the Madrigal family needed somebody to criticize for every little thing that went wrong in their lives, and also they for that reason turned to Bruno.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is most certainly one of Disney’s catchiest original songs but Miranda’s lyrics enable it to additionally demonstrate Encanto’s true tragedy. With the family’s prejudices, the haunting truth is exposed that the Madrigals demonized the family members uncle before Bruno began unfortunately hiding in the walls. This is not a tune cautioning about the dangers of Bruno’s predictions, but one showing that Encanto’s true tragedy is just how the family members turned against Bruno long before his reclusion.

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