More reaction has actually been developed as an outcome of the controversial Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, this time fixed Ecstasy star Dominic Fike. A singer-songwriter who made his acting launching this year with the hit HBO series, Fike had actually just recently been carrying out at a performance at Northern University in Evanston, Illinois. Throughout his set, Fike had actually taken a time out from carrying out to talk to the audience, and while his factors for this aren’t clear, he selected to raise the disparagement trial.

Per Home Entertainment Tonight, Fike stated that he discovered Heard to be “hot” after viewing the trial. What’s more, the singer and star joked that he has visions of getting beaten by Heard as an outcome of having this viewpoint. His remarks, which were caught in a video that has actually given that gone viral, led to people in participation booing Fike, who appears to take the tip by dropping the conversation and progressing with the program.


In the video, Fike states:

“Yo, so I’m just gonna come straight out and say it. I’ma come out and say it. I’ma be real with y’all.I think Amber Heard is hot, dude. I know it’s not a popular opinion and it’s not the focus at the moment, dude, but I’ve been having these visions of her just beating me up. I think it’s hot.”

“Making light and romanticizing domestic violence is so weird,” checks out one tweet in reaction to the video.

“That sh*t he be smoking on Euphoria is actually affecting him in real life,” another individual mentioned.

Others Have Come Under Fire for Joking About the Trial

With such a prominent, televised trial including 2 widely known celebs, Depp v Heard has actually gotten a great deal of attention, for much better or for even worse. One bothersome Saturday Night Live sketch took goal at the trial, satirizing the claims that Heard had actually stained the marital bed after an argument with Depp. Depp’s courtroom habits, including his smirking, was likewise buffooned in the sketch. This led to fans of both Depp and Heard slamming SNL for downplaying domestic violence, despite which celebration is informing the reality.

Drew Barrymore had actually likewise described the trial as a “seven layer dip of insanity” on her daytime talk program. she later on said sorry and clarified that she did not indicate to upset anybody after seeing some problems about the joke.

“It has come to my attention that I have offended people with making light of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and for that, I just want to deeply apologize, and appreciate everyone who spoke out because this can be a teachable moment for me, and how I move forward, and how I conduct myself,” Barrymore stated in a video published to Instagram.

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She included, “I can be a more thoughtful and much better individual progressing since all I wish to do is be a great individual. I quite value the depth of this, and I will grow and alter from it. And I thank everybody for assisting me grow along the method and mentor me. Thank you.”