The disparagement trial in between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has actually discovered its method into lots of places. Just recently remarks connecting to Aquaman star Heard discovered their method into Ecstasy star Dominic Fike’s show, and what the artist needed to state didn’t decrease well with his audience and produced extra debate online. In a video that right away went viral, Fike raised Amber Heard for no evident factor, revealing to the crowd that he has actually been “having visions” of Heard beating him, and discovered it “hot.”

The trial in between previous couple Heard and Depp saw the last witnesses and closing declarations being made at the end of the week, with the jury now pondering their decision. Naturally it has actually been hard for everybody not to form a viewpoint about the case, with live protection streaming from the courtroom every day, the web filled with memes and attorneys sharing their views, however it appears that not everybody has the ability to check out when it is the best minute to voice their own discuss the topic.


Fike was appearing in Evanston, Illinois, when he chose to share something with his audience that maybe must have been kept to himself. Stopping the show midway through, Fike stated:

“Yo, so I’m just gonna come straight out and say it. I’ma come out and say it. I’ma be real with y’all. I think Amber Heard is hot, dude. I know it’s not a popular opinion and it’s not the focus at the moment, dude, but I’ve been having these visions of her just beating me up. I think it’s hot.”

The response of the crowd was practically consentaneous as boos sounded out at the star playing down the problems that have actually been gone over in the lawsuit, which have actually included lots of declarations and descriptions of domestic abuse. Lots of those seeing the video of Fike’s remarks has their own viewpoints to air, which they carried out in the remarks areas anywhere the video footage was shared. Someone called him out as having a “need to be relevant”, with another including, “Making light and romanticizing domestic violence is so weird.” After making the discuss phase, Fike then continued with the show.

There have actually likewise been lots of Ecstasy fans putting Fike on blast. Some are stating they had actually enjoyed him on the series however are no longer fans after hearing his remarks. Other fans didn’t like him on the series and appear to not be amazed by the star and singer’s real-life actions. In any case, the debate continue to grow as Ecstasy fans “cancel” Fike.

The High Profile Trial Is Successfully Over Now However For A Decision


After weeks of testaments, interrogations, and great deals of objections, the trial in between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is successfully over as far as the live-streamed phenomenon is worried. The jury was asked to start their consideration on Friday following the closing declarations by both groups. While the jury will not return up until Tuesday, there is no informing how long it will be prior to a decision is reached.

In the meantime, there has actually still been lots of web speculation over which method the result will go, however it is clear that the general public has actually comprised their viewpoint about who ought to win and despite the real result, they are extremely not likely to alter their viewpoints. Nevertheless, the jury needs to just utilize the proof provided to them throughout the trial, and with extremely particular concerns to be responded to in order to discover either of the stars triumphant, it might end up that neither will wind up getting the outcome they desire in court.