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Deku and Shigaraki swap outfits in this epic My Hero Academia fanart

The sixth season of My Hero Academia has begun to escalate the relationship between Deku and Shigaraki, the faces of good and evil who have now come together to exchange outfits in an interesting fanart made by myu060309 (Twitter).

What if Shigaraki would have followed in the footsteps of his grandmother Nana Shimura and inherited One for All ? ; What if Deku had been corrupted after not having his own gift and was a criminal who steals that of others? Saying “What if” opens up a world of possibilities and that is the reason behind the title of the following illustration that you can see below

To keep their identity recognizable , both Deku and Shigaraki continue to wear the same outfits as in their original version , although we can also see a couple of capes that denote their new affiliation as a villain and a superhero respectively. Shigaraki gives off a totally different aura from the evil version of him while the broccoli has had its hair bleached (now it’s a cabbage?).

My Hero Academia Season 6 continues its broadcast every weekend is scheduled to air a total of 24 episodes. The MHA anime adaptation has to date six seasons and 128 episodes that you can see on Crunchyroll both in its original language with subtitles and with dubbing in different languages ​​(including Latin Spanish).

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