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Defense Witness Affirms She Was Directed to Undermine Todd Chrisley’s Life

Donna Money, a previous staff member of Todd Chrisley’s, affirmed that she assisted mess up the truth star’s life at the instructions of Mark Braddock.

Donna Money, a lady who when operated at Todd Chrisley’s possession management business, affirmed on Tuesday that Mark Braddock directed her to dedicate monetary scams with him to mess up the Chrisley Knows Best star’s life. She declared that Braddock, Chrisley’s previous company partner, had her send out phony monetary files to lender and lie about the health of the business. Through tears, Money affirmed that she ultimately stopped when the Chrisley family house was on the edge of foreclosure. Recognizing they would be returning house from trip to discover all their personal belongings on the street, she called Todd Chrisley and informed him he required to come house right away.


Money included that Braddock, who affirmed that he had actually been associated with an intimate relationship with Todd Chrisley, disliked the Chrisleys and was envious of Todd’s success. So envious, he desired his name on the door. The previous assistant stated she admitted to Todd that she and Braddock had actually been lying to him about whatever that was going on. Chrisley quickly introduced an examination, and although mad, he enabled Money to stay as a staff member, and she kept Chrisley abreast of what Braddock was doing.

The Chrisley Defense Group Provides Their Case

Donna Money informed the jury that she was worked with in 2008 as Todd Chrisley’s assistant at Chrisley Possession Management (WEB CAM). Eventually, Braddock approached her and declared Chrisley didn’t desire her any longer due to the fact that she “couldn’t keep up” and was “useless.” She later on found out that wasn’t real. Braddock informed Money she might work for him and soon had her finalizing files as Todd Chrisley and informing Chrisley his 2009 taxes were paid when they weren’t. Money included that she experienced Braddock erase any essential e-mails connected to the financial resources of business and erase any messages from banks left on Chrisley’s house and individual cell.

Money even more mentioned that initially, she believed signing Todd Chrisley’s name on a file at Braddock’s instructions was simply typical company and not in the commission of scams. According to Money, Braddock alerted her to “never, ever tell Todd what you’re doing in this office” and if she did, she would be fired and go to prison.

Upon interrogation, district attorneys mentioned that Money continued operating at the business for several years after “they found out about the fraud” and indicated 2 phony billings sent out to the Chrisley Knows Best production business for compensation for damaged furnishings. This action was done years after Braddock and the Chrisleys parted ways. When inquired about the billings, which originated from Julie Chrisley’s e-mail account, Money stated she produced the billings. Money stated the furnishings was truly broken throughout the production of the program, and the rate for compensation was genuine, however she put the price quotes on the phony billings without the permission of the shops. She wished to make certain the Chrisleys didn’t lose any cash because the production business will close their books for the season.

District attorneys likewise played audio recordings of Money’s previous interviews with private investigators about her function in the scams, which were irregular with Tuesday’s statement.

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